Secret Service Says Ladies’ Man Crazy Uncle Joe Biden Lets It All Hang Out


Over the years, there have been all manner of jokes about Joe Biden and his definite hands on approach to greeting ladies of all ages.  Seriously, years worth of photographic evidence is all over Bing Images for anyone to observe.

What we didn’t know, though, and what Katie Pavlich reports, is that Biden is known for even more, uh, revealing behavior in front of female secret service agents.

According to Secret Service expert and best selling author Ronald Kessler, Biden likes to skinny dip in front of female Secret Service agents assigned to protect him. Naturally, they find this offensive.

“Talk about a war on women. Biden likes to swim nude both at his Vice President’s residence in Washington and also at his home in Wilmington which he goes back to several times a week, all at our expense. By the way, a million dollars in Air Force 2 expenses, and this offends female Secret Service agents,” Kessler said to Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night. “You know, they signed up to take a bullet for the President as you said but they didn’t sign up to…they certainly didn’t sign up to see Biden naked.”

Having hung around handsy Irish men for a good chunk of my life, this writer isn’t quite as creeped out as some others are with the attempts at charm our beloved Crazy Uncle Joe exhibits, but skinny dipping in front of female security staff?  Oh, come on, man.  Biden should know better than this.  (Being familiar with those who let it all hang out, as it were, though, he probably doesn’t think a thing of it.)

As for going home every weekend – he lives in Wilmington, Delaware which is not that far.  Is it cheaper to fly him there or drive across the Chesapeake Bay bridge?  There shouldn’t be much of a problem letting him go home when school is not in session – uh, during slow times or the weekends – being that close to Washington.  As president, if he should choose to accept such a mission given Hillary Clinton’s tour de disaster, it would be a lot more expensive to do this.  (Plus, the indoor pool in the White House is under the press room.)

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