SCOTUS Allows Wisconsin Voter ID To Stand


Without comment Monday, the United States Supreme Court passed on reviewing Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision that Wisconsin’s 2011 voter identification law is constitutional.  In 2011, Republican lawmakers passed the measure in order to inject some common sense into voter fraud prevention as did legislatures in several other states.  A Milwaukee-based judge declared the law illegal in 2012 courtesy of an ACLU challenge.

Not only Wisconsin, but North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas are facing legal challenges to their laws asking voters to identify themselves with a photo ID.

From FoxNews:

Wisconsin’s photo ID law has been a political flashpoint since Republican legislators passed it in 2011. The GOP argues the mandate is a common sense step toward reducing election fraud. Democrats maintain no widespread fraud exists and that the law is really an attempt to keep Democratic constituents who may lack ID, such as the poor, minorities and the elderly, from voting.

As photo identification is required to receive state run social services, and benefits, this argument does not hold much water. With all luck, this decision by the Supreme Court may signal their lack of patience with the matter.

Last year, the Supreme Court did issue a stay on the law ahead of the November elections, but only did so due to absentee ballots being mailed at the time of the challenge.

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