Are The Rich Really That STUPID? Sadly, YES!!





poor Oh cry me a river! Apparently, rich people can whine about being poor too!

Wah, wah, wah! A Vancouver couple wants everyone to feel sorry for them because they can’t afford a ‘modest’ home for them, their 5 kids and their live-in nanny.

How can that be when they are considered wealthy?

The couple together make $450,000/yr. And yet they can’t afford a home? Well, their definition of ‘modest’ is certainly not the same as us average Joes.

Eric and Ilsa are whining that their $25,000/mo income is just not enough to build their million dollar home they so desperately need.

How can they not afford that on their income? Currently, they are living RENT FREE in a relative’s home. They already purchased the land for $1.1 million last fall.

Eric makes $200,000/yr working ONE day a week at a medical clinic and another measly $100,000/yr working just ONE more day a week teaching at a university. He works TWO days a week! What is he doing the other FIVE days a week while his LIVE-IN NANNY raises his kids??

His wife, Ilsa, makes $150,000/yr as a dentist.

Eric wrote: “Two professionals should be able to afford a modest house, but we can’t get the numbers to work and would appreciate some help.”

Eric claims that he really works more than 2 days.

In a statement from the Globe:

“The doctor has clarified in saying he works more than 100 hours a week through longer longer working hours and extra days and hours both in medicine and teaching.” That was later amended again to “up to 80 hours many weeks.”

How can that be only working 2 days a week? There are only 48 hours a day…..doesn’t quiet add up.

But, I digress. Back to the matter at hand, how can they not afford a home?

Well, maybe it’s the crappy money management on their ‘necessities’.

According to the Globe this is the couples month expenses (all necessary of course):

Monthly disbursements: Mortgage $3,800; property tax (both properties) $1,000; utilities $490; insurance $90; maintenance, garden $190; transportation $800; groceries $2,000; clothing $520; children’s activities $1,000; tuition $5,400; summer camp $600; child care $2,800; gifts, charitable $320; vacation, travel $2,000; dining, entertainment $200; sports, hobbies $200; miscellaneous (furniture, toys) $400; health insurance $50; cell phones $220; telecom, Internet $80; RRSP $3,000; professional associations $6,000. Total: $31,160.

Since the couple couldn’t find a solution to their problems (really?), they went to a financial planner. He suggested that Eric could work an extra day at the clinic, making his yearly salary around $500,000.

Hey, maybe even work a full work week! I know that’s asking a lot, but maybe it’d work.

Oh the woes of being rich! Don’t you feel so sorry for them?