Reality TV Exploiting Bruce Jenner Serves The Oversexing Of America


Sorry, buddy, that is just not a feminine jawline.

For the past week, we in the United States have seen some new angles of the sexing of America come to the fore:

  • Bruce Jenner decided that he is a woman and wants to be called “Caitlyn.”
  • Josh Dugger was accused of, and admitted to feeling up his sisters when they were all going through puberty.
  • The fashionable elite applauded Jenner’s transition and started calling a hormone laden teenage boy “monster” for being naturally horny and attracted to the opposite sex.
  • People who refused to call Jenner brave for putting himself out there on the cover of Vanity Fair, and instead pointed out that the truly brave are the people who defend us were called vile names.
  • One lesbian activist is upset that Bruce Jenner, being the object in a public gossip fest, has hijacked the GLBT movement and taken the focus off civil rights.
  • ESPN, the always socially progressive sports network that mostly features American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey – all men at the major league level – decided to bypass an actual woman athlete and bestow on Jenner some sort of award for his “courage”.  (Not like it was for achievement.)

And it keeps going on and on…to the point that bloggers are writing MAKE IT STOP pieces because frankly they don’t care.

However, all of this does beg the question: how is it that the American media celebrates a man who is dissatisfied with himself and seeks sexual mutilation surgery in a bid to change that, and in the same breath condemns a man who is, believe it or not, trying to live down a natural attraction to the opposite sex, and a typical teenage indiscretion?

And like the teenager he was at the time without decent judgement, Josh Dugger took advantage of a situation that his parents put him in.  (They did rectify it, but there’s reasons girls and boys should be separated in living quarters.)  That one needs to be used as a lesson in parenting moreso than to sit in judgement of Christians with a lot of kids.

Elizabeth Scalia, better known as The Anchoress, calls the fascination the commodity of gossip.  There is something to the notion.  She is correct that humans LOVE to gossip, and in the case of the great sex scandals gossip is a salable commodity.  However, I will argue that it did not start with the Kardashians.  Good Lord, no.  The Kardashians are the Gabors of our day.  Famous for being famous.  But at the same time, there is more to this.  This particular sort of gossip is safe.  It has no direct consequence on the lives of those attracted to it.  Words are said about celebrities that will never take a back channel to their ears, and will not come back to haunt the speaker.  Therefore, it cannot hurt every day people to revel in it.

It can, though, hurt the very people who put themselves forward like Bruce Jenner did this week.  There is a flipside to transgender surgery.  A very tragic flipside that blogger Matt Walsh talks about in his piece on the debacle.

Far from having the appearance of a genuine woman, he reminds me of someone who is being abandoned to his delusions by a culture of narcissistic imbeciles. I feel a great deal of compassion when I gaze upon this tragic sight — especially because post-op “transgenders” very often regret their decision, and in many cases attempt suicide — but few share my love or concern for him.

Indeed, Bruce admitted that after his “facial feminization” surgery he had a panic attack, looking in the mirror and asking, “what did I just do to myself?” We can only hope that these regrets don’t lead to further self-harm, as they have for so many men in his situation. I fear the worst, because Bruce is rushing the procedures so that his “transformation” coincides with the reality show they’re filming. Eventually the cameras will go dim, and Bruce will be stuck with what he’s done to himself. I pray for him when that dark moment arrives.

So, why continue, the sane among us ask.  Basically, because we Americans have been convinced by the advertising industry and this same mainstream media that is pushing the “bravery” of Bruce Jenner at us, that we should not be content with the bodies and sexuality that God and Mother Nature gave us.  We’ve learned not to be content…and the media has learned that sexual controversy generates gossip and profits.

Our culture is awash in shallow sex and gossip.  It distracts us from what is truly important in life and invites wallowing in the affairs of others.  But even more than that, it pushes the objects of said gossip to seek more of it, more attention, sometimes to the detriment of movements that have merit.  Matt Walsh, again, put his finger on it.

After many years and at least a dozen viral Dove marketing campaigns, it seems that, for the sake of the gay agenda, we’ve utterly abandoned the whole “women shouldn’t be Photoshopped or plastered with makeup and silicone in order to reinforce a subjective standard of femininity” thing. Perhaps the one single thing liberals were actually right about has now been tossed into the garbage because it doesn’t serve the gay/”transgender” narrative.

I mean, you can’t very well return to lauding the “natural beauty” of women after you just called Bruce “brave” for using digital and cosmetic enhancements to attain some shallow approximation of it. You can’t lambaste the modeling industry for trimming, slimming, snipping, cutting, painting, and operating on women for the sake of physical allure after you just got finished telling us that Bruce achieved his “true identity” through the same methods.

Which brings us back to oversexing.  There is much more to the human experience on earth than sex, but to the people who market sex like it was a bushel of green beans, sex is something to be exploited.  It is one of the few base instincts of humans that plain and simply cannot be ignored.  Yes, there are people who have doubts that God gave them the right set of parts, but to exploit one such person who just happens to be one of the most celebrated athletes of the last forty years to advance an agenda…there is something pretty despicable about that.

Female writer’s note to Bruce Jenner: Dude, sorry, you can’t just decide you are a woman.  You don’t have the parts for it.  Even after the most mutilating of the surgeries happens, and you no longer have life-giving organs, you are not a woman.  You do not know what it means to have the hormonal ups and downs of a cycle, or water gain, bloating or swelling to the point that undergarments do not fit.  You do not have the experience of wearing black out of necessity, not a fashion decision.  You will never be borderline anemic from losing a lot of iron once a month.  Not that all women do, but you still would never be able to carry or nourish a child.  You still will not feel feminine arousal.  You still look like a man in drag.  All the surgeries, sitting to pee, fake boobs and a half-asked vagina are not going to change that.

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