Re Voting Laws DeBlasio Thinks We Have A Democracy Problem


Yes, you read that right.  New York Mayor Bill de Blasio went on Face the Nation on Sunday and declared the United STATES of America “has a democracy problem” when it comes to how we regulate voting.

De Blasio said, “We have democracy problem. We have declining voter turn out. Secretary Clinton put forward the notion that we need a national strategy to get people involved. Obviously to address the many efforts that have been made by Republicans to repress voter involvement.”

He continued, “She’s saying the right thing about a national vision. We have to get to voting across the country, we have to simplify  registration across the country . Obviously  get rid of these efforts to repress voter involvement. But I don’t think New York City or New York State are doing well enough either. Our elections are governed by state law for a long time I believe we need to make fundamental series of reforms. Lets face it historically a lot of people in the political mass have tried to discourage voter involvement.”

“Our elections are governed by state law.”  Well, yes.  The founding document of the nation, our Constitution, says voting falls under the realm of the states. So, in reality, all election laws are local.  There is no national standard, although if the states wanted to get together and agree on one, not many people would disagree so long as producing a photo ID was part of it.

However that is not the liberal, leftist, socialist line of attack.  De Blasio is stumping for Hillary Clinton’s ideas – that of course are not her own and are part of the George Soros bankrolled effort to derail the 2016 election by suing to get Republican passed Voter ID laws declared unconstitutional.  This is a national strategy by the left, not a grand vision for how to accommodate voters, and increase voting participation.

It is not any great coincidence that the court battles are happening in the very “battleground” states where presidential elections are won and lost.  Voter ID – asking all people voting to be able to identify themselves with a state-issued photo identification card (student IDs do not count) – is required in almost every other country that votes.  The only possible explanation for the push to get such laws nullified is that they will derail plans to cheat at the polls.  Yes, it is true that there is lower voter turnout in the states where voter ID laws are in effect, but that may well be that Voter ID pretty much puts the kabosh on voting fraud.

As for there being a democracy problem, to use Mr. De Blasio’s words, “dem” meaning people in Greek, the American people consistently poll that they want Voter ID laws at a 3-1 margin, including a majority of Democrats.  So, the people aren’t the real obstacle De Blasio, Mrs. Clinton and George Soros want to change.  They want to bypass the federalism our REPUBLIC uses for government structure to dictate voting laws that will make voting in the United States ripe for fraud.  That’s pretty obvious.  It’s also pretty socialist.

If ever there was a time that James Madison’s federal republic set-up is looking like pure genius in the check and balance department, this is it.  The states are a check against the national strategists.  Kind of fun watching them trying to not be thwarted.

Writer’s note: I once had a leftist professor for a boss who advocating dissolving the states and the Senate.  Wouldn’t shock me if this was a long-term goal of the left.

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