Raqqa Gyno Clinic Shutdowns More Proof ISIS Endangers Women

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Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, ISIS is busy proving that gyno-philia is not one of its strong suits.  The caliphate masters have decided to close the gynecological clinics in Raqqa, Syria.  Why?  To keep men and women apart, even if the men involved are physicians.

According to the UK Independent, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that not only have the clinics serving women been shut down, but the doctors have been threatened as well.  The physicians have decided to get out of dodge as it were and many have joined the migration to Europe…actually, their skills will be more valued there so long as the other migrants aren’t squeamish about letting their women be treated by men.

Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, the rights group which this year won the CPJ International Press Freedom Award, has reported threats and harassment towards doctors in the city on Wednesday night.

“A lot of doctors have [already] left, especially gynaecologists who were barred from practising their work and [threatened] with death,” said Abu Mohammed, the group’s founder.

This will do the women of Raqqa and the caliphate, however they came to be a part of it, absolutely no good.  The women are expected to produce the next generations of ISIS warriors.  Sometimes they need help doing that.  Outright refusing to allow physicians to assist and care for women is rather counter productive in that regard.

“People expressed their resentment over these steps taken by [Isis] regarding health and medical staff in the city, which already suffers from the lack of female medical staff engaged in these tasks,” the group said.

Since ISIS does not let women work, achieving any sort of goal of increasing the number of women on medical staffs anywhere under their control is going to be a bit difficult.

This is but one incident in the ISIS controlled territories involving women, and the reproductive arena of their lives, that demonstrates a patent disregard for their well being even as women are supposed to have such a vital role in the future of the caliphate.  In March, it was reported that ISIS wanted to ban “Un-Islamic” Caesarian sections.  In Libya, after the ISIS takeover, there was a reported increase in the number of miscarriages and sexually transmitted diseases in girls young enough to have no idea what was happening to them.  That is not conducive to large numbers of progeny, either.

And no feminists condemn these people.  Unreal.

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