PSST: Obama, Loretta Lynch, History Explains Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Gun control black market

The people of the Obama Administration really do think we are stupid.  They also think we don’t read, and don’t know about history.  They also seem to think that they can control human nature.  By that measure, they also must think that Prohibition was a HUGE success.  Why?  Because without the BLACK MARKET we’d probably still be a dry country.

See, humans being what and who humans are, when we want something – anything really from salt and pepper to booze to, well, guns – money is no object, and neither is the law.  Humans will find a way to get what we want because some daring soul out there is always willing to provide it, and American history, let alone the rest of the world, is riddled with examples.

  • Michelle Obama thought she was being so smart in trying to install low sodium meals in schools to raise healthy future voters and the kids defied the rules and started up a black market in the school stairwells selling salt and pepper packets to fellow students who were dying for actual flavor in the food the cafeterias were serving.
  • To stop men from blowing their paychecks at local watering holes, the ladies of the Temperance leagues convinced the men in power in the late 19th century and early 20th to outlaw the production and sale of consumable alcohol.  That resulted in one of the most decadent and crime ridden decades in American history as the underground market of alcohol production sprung into overdrive.
  • In order to avoid paying taxes on said alcohol, there is a whole underground network of whisky makers that has its roots in the Whisky Rebellion of 1791 when the people of the western frontier objected to the fed taxing their favorite drink.  If the government doesn’t know about the production, they can’t tax it, so stills were hidden from view and a lot of people living on the western frontier went to jail.  (This is still happening in rural parts of the country.)

Black markets exist anywhere where there is a shortage, rationing, or a prohibition of what the people want.  ANYTHING can be sold this way and has been throughout history, from liquor to salt and pepper to gasoline to sugar to high flow shower heads.

It should be a no-brainer – and shouldn’t have to be said out loud to explain the concept of how this works – but this black market availability principle applies to guns as well, and is the primary reason why gun control does not work.  When people want guns, they can find them law or no law.  Yes, the people who utilize the black market for guns are generally criminals…which means they don’t care about the law to begin with and additional legal roadblocks mean absolutely nothing to them.  All “gun control” does is incentivize the law abiding citizens to not have firearms for fear of prison.

Slowly but surely, some people on the left – the ones who are willing to accept that their hard fought stances may well be well intentioned, but severely wrong headed – are beginning to understand that gun control DOES NOT WORK.  As a state, California has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country, and yet San Bernardino happened, even if it was really terrorism (the rifles were still obtained by someone else before the shooters got them).  As a city, Chicago has the toughest gun control laws in the country and yet they have the highest murder rate.  In both of these locations, the regular law abiding citizens are sitting ducks, victims in waiting thanks to laws that take weapons from their hands.  Criminals don’t care about that other than to perpetrate more crime.

So, now that we understand WHY all the gun control rules that were meant to deter and prevent crime don’t do so, perhaps we can discuss why humans out there resort to crime, and what political party has been in charge when the majority of the slide into lawlessness has gone on in places where gun control doesn’t work.  How about it, leftist Democrats?  Shall we talk about that?

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