Pork Back In The Troughs At Federal Prisons


STL style ribs

It’s always best to cook your ribs low and slow.

It’s amazing what bad publicity will do.  Not that many lamestream media sites are reporting it yet, but the ban on pork being served in Federal Prisons has been lifted.


After the news hit the airwaves and bandwidth last week, Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees federal prisons, took to his word processor and fired off a letter to Bureau of Prisons Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr.   The Washington Post gives us an idea of what was in the screed:

“The pork industry is responsible for 547,800 jobs, which creates $22.3 billion in personal incomes and contributes $39 billion to the gross domestic product.”….

“The United States is the world’s largest exporter of pork, and the third largest producer of pork,” Grassley wrote, warning that the “unprecedented” decision to remove pork from federal prisons would “have consequences on the livelihoods of American citizens who work in the pork industry.”

When the Bureau of Prisons came up with the swinish prohibition, they said that “inmate surveys” prompted the suppression of America’s favorite meat.  So, Sen. Grassley had a simple request: he wanted to see the surveys.  Grassley also asked to see the expenditures for the prisons since spokesman for the Bureau, Edmond Ross, insisted that the expense of pork itself played a part in parting ways with the piggies.  The Bureau of Prisons answer: lift the ban.

[insert wild conjecture of why this would be from the reading audience here]

When the ban on pork in the federal prisons was announced last week, the poultry and beef industries were most satisfied.  After all, their products would be filling the void that the absence of pork would be sure to create.

But, it was another group that most of America figured was behind the original announcement:

Meanwhile, Muslims said they were worried that they’d be blamed for pressuring the government to enact the ban.

Too late.  At any rate, thanks to Senator Grassley, the residents of Club Fed and the inmates of the rest of the federal prison system will be enjoying pork roast fairly soon.  (If the cooks schedule it.)

For GREAT tasting pork roast, do not stint on the fresh garlic crushed with kosher salt.  Roll the meat in it before it goes in the oven.

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