Planned Parenthood Vs Cecil The Lion – OUTRAGED Rubio Asks About American Priorities

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Earlier this week, an American dentist shot and killed a famous African lion, Cecil, in Zimbabwe.  This Minnesotan claims his guides led him to believe that the kill was legal. (After all, while on safari hunts, isn’t that what we pay guides for, to know which animals are legal prey?)  This man says he had no idea that the animal in question was a local celebrity or part of any study.  If this was the case, this poor guy is being demonized for an honest mistake.  As magnificent as African lions are in the wild, it is still legal to hunt them in some countries and there are people who can afford to pay for the privilege.  This dentist went on a tour where he could get a trophy.  That’s what happened and the slain Cecil the Lion is no more.

In the wider world of the internet, however, his shooter is being tried, and convicted in the court of public opinion.  Outrage is growing that such a magnificent creature of God would be slaughtered in the name of a trophy – something traded for cash.  To modern sensibilities, that is an abomination.

In contrast, on the very day the news hit of Cecil the Lion’s truly unfortunate demise, another headlining story hit the internet.  That of a third undercover video from a Pro-Life group called Center for Medical Progress featuring Planned Parenthood officials and their cavalier attitude toward God’s most precious creations – unborn children.  This third video was the most ghoulish and disturbing yet, with actual gruesome footage of children sacrificed on the altar of all things modern, convenient and feminist with their internal organs salvaged for use in another capacity, not just the negotiation of prices per part as the previous two depicted.  However, the video itself was only covered in certain circles.  The mainstream media, in a tizzy over Cecil the lion, did not report on it.  And one 2016 Republican presidential hopeful noticed.

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Considering this writer spent a good chunk of the morning wrangling with a cousin-in-law over the very issue of just what is wrong with killing unborn babies in the womb if they are not wanted, that is a very good question.  What is wrong with a society where a woman actually thinks her only option is killing her child when faced with an unexpected or crisis pregnancy?  How have we so abandoned the reality that a baby dies during an abortion?  Why has the outrage that carried the pro-life movement for so many decades died?  And why does a dead lion take precedence?

Why is it proponents of abortion at any time cannot open their hearts and minds to understand what is happening, and that so many killings are really a form of birth control?  How can they not see the fulfillment of Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist goals realized every time a life is snuffed out in this way?  How can they celebrate the deliberate placement of Planned Parenthood “clinics” in minority neighborhoods?  How can women, who are victimized along with their children by Planned Parenthood, be brainwashed into thinking that abortion is a not HUGE part of the “non-profit’s” business model even if they offer other services, several of which have contributed to the objectification of women whether they realize it or not.

Most importantly, though, after three separate videos either showing negotiation over the price of fetal organs, how can it be denied that the dead babies killed at Planned Parenthood are thought of as anything other than commodities?  As if they were a crop?  Cecil the lion received more deference.

And that is Marco Rubio’s point.  What have we become when a dead lion, as unfortunate as the incident was, generates more outrage than the buying and selling of fetal organs?  And why does the mainstream media ignore the latter and push the former?  Good questions that even some of the most outspoken of abortion advocates cannot understand.  (See Salon’s interview with Camille Paglia.)

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