‘Peaceful’ Islam Warns Danes over Genocide Art–What Happens if Danes Don’t Comply?

Turkey angered by Copenhagen sculpture

Artist image of sculpture marking Turks’ Armenian genocide

COPENHAGEN – Denmark has bowed to pressure by Danish Muslim Turks, the nation’s largest immigrant group, and Turkey to postpone a sculpture marking the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian genocide by the Turkish government of the Ottoman Empire.

The work was supposed to have been unveiled here in May, but resistance to the project has delayed its debut till September.

What happens if the Danes debut the sculpture? Will there be bombings and Charlie Hebdo killings by the so-called peaceful Muslims?

The busy Copenhagen square Kultorvet was scheduled to be the site of a nine-meter-high sculpture titled “The Draem” (Danish Remembrance Armenian Empathy Messenger) on May 23, but the fear of vandalism and even violence has delayed the opening, Politiken reported May 18.

The sculpture was supposed to be placed in Kultorvet for 10 days to mark 100 years since upwards of 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Muslim Ottoman regime. The announcement of the project last month caused an official protest from the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen, which called the sculpture “morally indefensible.”

Turkey officially rejects the notion that the 1915 mass killings constitute a genocide.

More than 100 complaints have been filed with the City of Copenhagen over the plans to install the sculpture, in an apparent effort by the Turkish community to kill the project.

Politiken reported that many of the complaints share the same language including the line that “Copenhagen should not play host to a sculpture that incites hatred.”

“Turkey should completely stay out of what we do in Copenhagen and what sort of freedoms of expression and freedoms of art that we have,” Carl Christian Ebbesen of the Danish People’s Party told Politiken.

While the European Parliament, a UN subcommittee and more than 20 countries worldwide recognize the killings as a genocide, Denmark does not. We won’t show historical graphic photos of this genocide, but readers can view this Auschwitzian nightmare via Google link if they have the stomach for it.

The Turkish government also attacked Pope Francis as part of  an “evil front” because he used the word “genocide”

Turkey’s outrage over comments made by Pope Francis April 12, deeming the massacre of Armenians a century ago a “genocide,” continues to smolder. The pope called the massacre “the first genocide of the 20th century” in commemoration of the killings.  The pope held the event with Catholicos Aram I, spiritual head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, during an Armenian-Rite mass April 12 in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

Ankara reacted furiously, recalling its ambassador to the Vatican and issuing a barrage of condemnations. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made some even tougher remarks: “Currently, an evil front is being formed against us,” he said. “Now the pope has joined this conspiracy.”

On April 13, the European parliament in Brussels called on Turkey to recognize what happened as a “genocide.” The motion was dismissed by Davutoglu’s boss, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said the appeal “went in one ear and out from the other.”

The massacres took place amid the wider conflict of World War I, which led to the unraveling and demise of the Ottoman Empire. Successive Turkish governments have insisted the scale of the slaughter has been distorted, and that many Turks were killed amid the chaos. As many as 1.5 million Armenians, by some accounts, were systematically killed or disappeared, according to The Muslim Issue.

“Turkey should completely stay out of what we do in Copenhagen and what sort of freedoms of expression and freedoms of art that we have.”

—Carl Christian Ebbesen of the Danish People’s Party


“Millions of people of all religions and ethnicities lost their lives in the First World War,” said Erdogan.

TMI goes on to say Erdogan seem to ignore that the Armenian Christians were not in a war. They had no weapons. They did not fight or kill anyone. They were mistreated and subjugated by their Ottoman overlords, and asked for basic human rights. Making this plea to their Muslim rulers caused a response to exterminate them.

“In 1913, there were up to 2 million [ethnic Armenians] in the Ottoman Empire. When World War I broke out, the Ottoman government ordered their mass deportation. A few years later, there was barely one-tenth that number in Turkey, the rest having been exiled or killed,” details Thomas de Waal, in his new book “Great Catastrophe: Armenians and Turks in the Shadow of Genocide.”

Armenian suffering at the time was well-documented, particularly by American observers. Former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt wrote in May 1918 that his country’s entrance into World War I against Germany and its allies was justified “because the Armenian massacre was the greatest crime of the war, and failure to act against Turkey is to condone it,” according to TMI.

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