Obama Oval Office Offering Universally Panned – BY LIBERALS


Great Communicator He Is Not

Last night, after a couple days of hype, the Limits household opted to watch reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” rather than Barack Obama’s apologetics for Islam course, and gun control speech all rolled into one.  From all reports, it looks like we made the right choice.  According to the critics, the address, Obama’s fourth from the Oval Office, was more of the same old, same old that got us to where we are now.  Commenter Jay Boo at Jihad Watch says:

Muslim controlled BBC describes Obama’s speech as only about:
1 Islamophobia
2 Gun control
3 Misperception of Muslims
4 Right wing politicians
5 Commentary added by Ibrahim Cooper

No mention that Muslim communities should do more to stop the violence.

Especially — Absolutely no mention about the victims
— Muslim controlled BBC does wishes to erase their lives in collaboration with Islamic teachings.

On this side of the pond on MSNBC, we get this from the Trilateral Commission heir Mika Brzezinski:

“I watched it with my youngest daughter who’s very, very interested and we were waiting for the address, and sat together and watched. And when he was finished she got up and left. She goes: I don’t really know what the point of that was.”

The segment on Morning Joe featuring Joe Scarborough and a bunch of moonbats went on to further rip the Sunday evening, prime time address to shreds.

RICHARD ENGEL: Well, he laid out this four-point plan. So he didn’t talk about just staying the course, he talked about staying the course we’ve already been on that hasn’t been working. …

WILLIE GEIST: I think what he didn’t realize is the urgency of the American people, who see things like Paris and San Bernardino, and think ISIS is here right now, ISIS is on our doorstep, not something that we can wait for: a political reconciliation process in Syria. We can’t wait for Saudi Arabia to come along.  I don’t think he sees the urgency.. . .

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: ISIS in Syria and Iraq are anything but contained. That’s for sure. According to a new intelligence report, officials tell the Daily Beast that the White House-commissioned report predicts that ISIS will spread world-wide and grow in numbers unless it suffers a significant loss of territory on the battlefied in Iraq and Syria.  Important to note, the report was commissioned before the president’s declaration the threat of ISIS had been contained.

Complete video can be seen at Newsbusters.

What the left is realizing is that when it comes to Obama’s spectacular failure in the foreign policy arena of containing ISIS/ISIL/IS…followers of Islam…that failure is now impacting domestic policy because, plain and simply, they want to destroy us, and Obama does not feel the need to lead a nation let alone the world in the fight against these people.  Not only that, the Obama Administration has zero idea on how to handle that reality other than to try another failed leftist tactic that will turn the nation into one gigantic sitting duck pond – and even the left knows that isn’t going to work.

In order to control the people, the people MUST be pacified and content.  Right now, the American people are neither.  Willie Geist is correct.  We the people understand the urgency and we recognize the utter obvious stupidity in surrendering weapons when terrorists are trying to kill us.  Even the left gets that at this point.

So, the Occupier of the Oval Office had another bad night.  His complete stupidity was on display for the world to see.  We the Christians, Jews, agnostics, etc., who are going to have to fight the threat from the world’s terrorists, are going to have to find leadership and inspiration from somewhere else.

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