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Obama Ignores The States, Waves His Veto Pen Before Refugee Action By Congress

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Not that we didn’t know this, but Barack Obama doesn’t give one fig about the country he is supposed to be leading.

Momentum is building in the states themselves and the Congress to do anything from “pause” the Syrian refugee situation in order to put a more robust vetting process in place to outright refusal to accept the people requesting political and humanitarian asylum.  Put simply, after the terrorist attacks in Paris last weekend and in light of the FBI admitting that the holidays are a ripe, plumb temptation for the jihadis among us, Americans of all stripes do not trust the refugees coming to all countries from Syria via United Nations edict.

Leaving aside for the moment the trepidation expressed by the governors of over half the United States, and the unfortunate news delivered by Judge Napolitano that they are right in spirit, but cannot stop Obama from parking the interlopers in their states on federal ground, Congress is currently debating legislation proposed by Republicans that would vet invaders from Syria more thoroughly than they are being now.

The bill introduced Wednesday would require the FBI director to certify a background investigation for each refugee — and several top security officials to certify that each refugee is not a security threat to the U.S. — before a refugee from Iraq or Syria can be admitted.

Since this interferes with the Obama Administration’s plans to bring tens of thousands of those Syrian refugees here, naturally, the White House went on the offensive.

“This legislation would introduce unnecessary and impractical requirements that would unacceptably hamper our efforts to assist some of the most vulnerable people in the world,” the White House said in a statement.

The proposed requirements “would provide no meaningful additional security for the American people, instead serving only to create significant delays and obstacles in the fulfillment of a vital program that satisfies both humanitarian and national security objectives,” the White House said.

Wow, are these people good at pontificating bull$#@!.  This, apparently, is the reasoning behind Obama waving his veto pen ahead of legislation that in a perfect world would sail through Congress.  No mention of the safety and security of Americans.  No, just efforts to help “vulnerable” people who just happen to mask terrorists on a regular basis.

Where is that in the presidential oath?

According to the panel on Fox News’ Special Report this evening, this is setting up to be a showdown between the White House and Congress, and for once, Obama stands a good chance of losing.  Let’s hope so.

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