Obama Declares War On Israel

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The fruits of leading from behind and questionable American foreign policy optics are in the midst of maturity.  All of the signals and perceived nuance from Barack Obama and his administration regarding Middle East policy and the United States’ alliance with Israel in the last six years have all but assured radical Islamists who live by jihad in the Middle East that Obama is the first American president willing to abandon Israel, and in the terrorists’ eyes, more or less declare war on that country after Benjamin Netanyahu’s decisive victory this month.

That has the Islamic hardliners, and the one country in the Middle East spreading influence like wildfire – Iran – rejoicing.  It also has the rest of the Middle Eastern neighborhood scrambling to save itself from takeover and destruction by Iran, including several of America’s allies.

From the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama has indicated that his loyalty in the Middle Eastern ideological conflict more or less lies with the Muslim Brotherhood.  He apologized at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, a Muslim Brotherhood institution committed to propigating Islam and Islamic culture, for past American policy toward Islamic states, and from there Obama has not conducted foreign policy with any sort of eye on alligning with Israel or many other Middle Eastern countries against Iran.  Quite the opposite.

He sat and did nothing as one Iranian sponsored strongman after another “destablized” Egypt, Libya, Syria, and now Yemen.  The leaders in those countries when Obama took office all have been replaced by Islamic hardliners, and in one case, Egypt, the people took exception and managed to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood.  An attempt was made on Jordan, and their king proved his meddle in a flightsuit.  All the while, the United States sat and did nothing mainly because as Commander in Chief, Obama has immediate control of the military.

The terror group calling itself Islamic State (or ISIS or ISIL depending on the day) has pretty much overrun Iraq, a country that the United States attempted to move heaven and earth to rebuild after 30 years of dictatorship.  Rather than defend the work done by our troops and the sacrifices made by thousands, Obama sits on his hands and offers airstrikes that slow the marauders, but do not in effect stop them from overrunning territory, destroying historical sites, creating a society where it is acceptable to rape women and children, and otherwise killing people that do not convert to their way of life.  Again, this is a group sponsored by Iran.

Over the course of Obama’s time in office the personal animosity between him and Netanyahu has grown.  Thanks to world-wide media, everyone knows that.  Even the terrorists, and it gives them incredible hope that when they eventually do move on Israel, that the United States will not come to the rescue.  After all, as the hardliners have taken one country after another, the U.S. has done nothing to stop them.  Even Palestine is in danger of being overrun.  At this point, Saudi Arabia is forced to scramble their own military to keep the chaos of today’s Yemen from flowing over their border.  The U.S. will not hold the line there.

There are reports that in the United Nations, the Obama Administration will be willing to vote against Israel, and will make no attempt to stop proceedings against the nation in the International Criminal Court.  This has Islamic hardliners salivating at the prospect that at long last they can rid the planet of the scourge known as Israel.

What is frightening about this to American eyes is not simply that signals and nuance from the Obama Administration are being read by Muslim terrorists as the United States being in their favor, but that it may well be the case that the Obama Administration has clandestinely declared war on Israel and the American people do not realize it.

Americans, for the most part, do not do nuance.  We do not read signals, and, for the most part, do not fight wars with symbolism.  Everything for us is in black and white, which is why the suggestion that there is any nuance in the U.S. Constitution is ludicrous.  The president may negotiate treaties – as is happening with Iran and the nuclear “deal” now – but the Senate ratifies them, and any and all sanctions or sanction lifting MUST go through the full legislature.

There is legitimate fear in the Middle East now that the Obama people have declassified documents relating to a nuclear program in Israel.  Friends and allies do not do that to each other.  (Why would the Obama Administration do such a thing if Israel was a valued ally?)  If the United States will not stand with Israel, the only country with democratic roots in the Middle East, against invaders, then who will she stand with?  At this point, Iran is installing its figureheads all around the oil fields and is actively pursuing nuclear capability with no believable guarantee that they will not develop a bomb.  That has even some of the nations that dislike Israel, but aren’t really willing to do anything about it, nervous.  They should be.  They are in danger as well.

Did Barack Obama more or less declare war on Israel without saying the words?  The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic hardliners seem to think so.  Unfortunately in the Middle East, that perception is reality.

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