NYC Rally Protesting Iran Deal: Over 10,000 People Came, Allen West Exploded [Watch Here]


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Unbeknownst to the rest of America if you didn’t know where to look, thank you mainstream media for your dereliction of duty, everyday opponents of the Iran deal, the one that’s been compared to Neville Chamberlain surrendering to Adolph Hitler before World War II started, gathered on the streets and sidewalks of Times Square in New York City Wednesday evening to protest a deal the majority of Americans think is worse than a pig in a poke.

According to estimates, over 10,000 people came, including former New York Governor George Pataki.  “Reject this deal. Protect America. Protect Israel and protect the world from freedom,” Pataki said.

The rally was organized by The Stop Iran Rally Coalition, a group committed to shaming Congresscritters into voting against the Iran deal negotiated by the Obama Administration that put Iran back on footing as a non-pariah nation, and unfroze billions of dollars in assets the rogue nation can now use to purchase conventional weapons of war AND pursue a nuclear program whether the agreement says they can or not.  (Seriously, who trusts these people?)

One of the thousands in attendance and speaking was Col. Allen West.  He took the pulse of the people on the street for Fox News and the pulse came down to a single issue: trust.  The people on the street recognized that Iran cannot be trusted.

“We cannot trust Iran.  So why would we think for one minute that they are going to honor any type of agreement?”

This is what he had to say at the rally:

[youtube id=”iaHe9PBnFdA” mode=”normal”]

From the photographs posted to a piece on The Jerusalem Post, those participating in the rally were of all walks of American life.  The people largely are of an age to remember the 1979 hostage crisis, but exhibit all manners of dress, Christians, Jews…this issue is unifying opposition.  The organizers claim to be bi-partisan, and there is no theme among the signage other than stopping Iran.

Steve Doocey of Fox News said on the video at the link above, that 77% of the American public want equal to or stronger sanctions AGAINST Iran, not the lifting that is a de facto fait accompli with the United Nations Security Council voting in favor earlier this week (as if the UN has any real power.  Jeez.).  With those kind of numbers, why are members of Congress even hesitating to vote against it?

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