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Every now and then, a tidbit about Islam, hardcore muslims, and what in western civilization offends them comes to the fore and we westerners say, “HUH?”

Well, Walid Shoebat published a quote yesterday that all of us should take to heart – and our armed forces should incorporate in their battle plans.

“Anas narrated that the prophet said, “Two sounds are accursed in this world and the hereafter: (the sound of) musical instruments in time of happiness and wailing during calamity.” (Al-Bazzaar).

Cue the Ride of the Valkeries from Wagner’s Die Valkyrie.  (Lt. Col. Kilgore in Apocalypse Now may have been on to something.)

Musical instruments are accursed in times of happiness?  No praising Him (for Muslims, Allah) with the sound of trumpets, with psaltry and harp, with timbrel and choir, with strings and organs, or sounding cymbals?  One would assume gongs and bagpipes are out as well.  At any rate, it seems that happy music is a big no-no to Islamic extremists.  So much so that the Kurds use toy trumpets as a sort of psychological warfare.  Check this out:


Okay, so they need to work on their embouchure, but one has to admire the effort.  It seems that in addition to the overall Islamic prohibition of women singing, ISIS has banned all music from its caliphate.  It also seems that they have burned all musical instruments that they could find.  (Hoping that no Strads were stuck in the Middle East prior to the takeover.)  Just think, no Beatles, no Rolling Stones, no Pink Floyd, no Lynard Skynard, no Led Zepplin…no Mozart, no Beethoven…no Rossini…. [Insert soul deep wailing from the writer here.]

So, warfare being at least partly psychological, it is time that our troops announce themselves to ISIS not simply by rockets firing and sonic booms, but blaring “America the Beautiful” from loudspeakers on top of the tanks.  For extra insult, be sure the soloist on the recording is a woman.  (A Kate Smith track would do, although she’s better known for “God Bless America”.)

At home, we can all do our part.  In the name of defeating Islam, we should not complain about music coming from the car next to us at the stoplight being so loud that our steering wheels shake.  If it serves to assert western civilization’s dominance in the United States, crank it up.  (“Music” by Kanye West doesn’t count.  See my rant this week for why.)  All musicians rehearsing at home, open the windows.  Garage bands, lift the garage door. Your neighbors will understand once you explain.  Toss some spare change in your local street performer’s hat or case, even if it is that really annoying electric guitarist who just alternates between four chords for hours on end.  There is no shame in celebrating who we are and what we value.

Every now and then we need to be reminded that Islam is plain and simply incompatible with western culture.  The banning of music in the ISIS caliphate is just one example of the stark differences.  One would hope that our military would take a cue from the natives fighting on the ground in the middle east and employ their very simple method of psychological warfare.  Here on the homefront, this operatic soprano is more than happy to help.

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