NO JOKE! Government Wastes 43 MILLION of Our Tax Dollars On A Gas Station!



A Watchdog of the Department of Defense discovered inside criminal activity related to government contractors, and found a gross misuse of U.S. tax dollars.  The contractors took and spent 43 to 47 million dollars  to build a gas station in Afghanistan.  A gas station that normally costs 500,000 dollars to build.

A Task Force for Stability and Business Operations is at the issue  of investigation by the lead oversight team.  These overseers monitor financial accountability of DOD’s task force contractors and their ongoing shenanigans of criminal operations being found on our dime.

What’s truly outrageous is that the government agency that caught this hasn’t been given any answers.  This task force, dismissed in March of 2015 , can’t locate and ask one contractor any questions related to this foul play.  The Pentagon’s response is also negligent and can’t give answers to who, what, where and how the contractors got away with all the tax dollar money.  No one knows where the 43 million dollars went.  Can anybody tell me how this happens over and over again?

No one in Obama’s Administration suffered any consequences for lost bail out money, Solandra, 2,000 Humvees given away or the Fast N Furious scandal.  Unbelivable!  Everyone he hired to head an important  department of government has gotten away with theft, crime, money laundering, embezzlement, lies and the list goes on and on.  It’s colossal  waste and down right dirty.

Unfortunately, protests and phone calls don’t change this misuse.  Government has expanded and we the people get “lost in the shuffle”or shunned.   Before the election, we MUST get the word of government waste and corruption out there to the people.  We have unlimited examples of corruption to give when speaking to our fellow Americans.   43 million dollars for a gas station??

By the way,  The gas station isn’t even being used related to security fears.  So, it was built for NOTHING with OUR TAX MONEY!!