New Voter Poll Says: Pass The Bills Already, Let Obama Veto Them

Obama veto

In a rather stunning development given the mainstream media line about the American people not liking discord in Washington and wanting to see things get done rather than the gridlock that we have come to expect, Rasmussen published the results of a poll that tell us the American people don’t care if Barack Obama gets out his veto stamp, they want to see bills passed by Congress.

800 likely voters were asked about Congress “working with” the executive branch to get legislation passed and signed, and:

  • 59% “think Congress should continue to pass legislation that most members of Congress support even if the president is opposed.”
  • 25% want Congress to do as the White House wants.
  • 16% are not sure.

That means that a clear majority of American voters want to see action even if nothing “technically” gets done.  At least the people in Congress will be on record as having passed something.  Let Obama show his true colors via veto.

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