New Batch Of #ThanksMichelleObama School Lunch Photos. YUCK!

Thanks to the citizen reporters knows as the students who endure the cooking of the Michelle Obama Lunch program, we have a new batch of photos of the fare gracing the nation’s school lunch lines where federal assistance is given to children and teenagers.  The school districts still adhering to the rules are not allowed to talk to media about this, so we must rely on the kids to get the word out.

Anyone who can figure out what the concoction on the left is wins a prize.  The one on the right must be some sort of fajita.  Maybe.

TMO Food 1   TMO Food 3


School cafeterias shall serve fresh fruits.

TMO Food 2 orange TMO Food 10


That’s called a snack, not lunch.

TMO Food 4


Gives new meaning to the phrase “mystery meat.”

TMO Food 5

How do you say, “Where’s the beef?” in Michelle Obama-ese?

TMO Food 6


Not even hazarding a guess.  [swallow, gag]

TMO Food 7


According to the caption, these are called “chichpea sliders”.  My local steakhouse serves a plate of little sandwiches like this with actual meat on them and calls it an appetizer.

TMO Food 8 chick pea sliders


So, there we have it.  The poor kids of America are still being tortured with inedible food and the adults are reporting unbelievable amounts of food in the trash.

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