Netanyahu Speech Before Congress On Iran: Fist Pumps From The Midwest

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It’s not very often that this writer takes a morning off to indulge in pure pleasurable politics.  Today was an exception.  Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave one of the most masterful speeches to grace the floor of the United State’s House of Representatives at least six years.  The words were simple, the sentence construction and use of classic literary devices masterful, and the message was perfectly clear: the deal being made between the Obama Regime and the state of Iran regarding a potential nuclear program is bad news for EVERYONE, not just Israel.

Mr. Netanyahu started his address with regrets that the affair became a political hot potato.  To be honest, his appearance along with the ensuing controversy did the United States a HUGE favor by exposing Barack Obama, his administration and their sycophants who boycotted, as the petulant children they are.  (Some of the Democrats who did attend behaved in a similar manner.  Thanks to The Hill for telling us that Nancy Pelosi kept rolling her eyes.)  This is a man who recognizes that nuclear weapons in the wrong hands will wipe his country from the face of the earth.  Regardless of how Israel came to be an actual state in the twentieth century, civilized nations do not threaten to wholesale take over others or blow them up.  (That’s an adult take on the situation.)

That topic was pounded home along with the base facts that piece by piece, country by country, the Islamic State – partially sponsored by Iran, even if they claim to be enemies – is gobbling up territory in the Middle East, not unlike the classic dictators of history did.  In this case, Mr. Netanyahu is correct: the enemy of our enemy is not our friend, but our enemy.

For Americans starved for forceful leadership without excuses, Mr. Netanyahu’s address was a breath of fresh air.  It is very obvious that this man loves this country and respects the system it represents even if he is the leader of a different nation.  His presence was without apology  – and without constant references to his own achievements real or imagined.

Those of us who have paid attention for decades to the caravans of United Nations inspectors and other such people who are consistently coming up empty handed when looking for evidence of illegal nuclear programs as Middle Eastern dictatorships led them on wild goose chases, were most heartened to hear Mr. Netanyahu say straight out, Iran can’t be trusted to be honest on this score.  Of course they aren’t going to show inspectors where all of their centrifuges are.  That does not mean that the international community should just stand by while such a rogue state makes idiots of more honest and trusting nations – and it also does not mean that the country with the most powerful standing military in the world makes a deal that will accommodate such malicious scheming.

Mr. Netanyahu also reminded us that the bad blood with the United States and Iran is now 36 years old.  It began when a group of students overran OUR embassy and the hardline regime that still rules Iran declared jihad on the world.  They are still fighting that fight – and we have forgotten that our spineless Oval Office Occupant at the time let it all happen without retaliation.  Anyone who has ever heard one of the former hostages talk about it even these years later, will never forget even if we never really fought anything more than a proxy or sanction war over it.

Well, it is a new day, and Iran is directly threatening Israel, a little country quite well accustomed to defending itself from bombardment.  Mr. Netanyahu made it very clear that he expects the United States to stand with him against the specter of a nuclear Iran that threatens not just the Middle East, but the rest of the world.  For the vast majority of the people in the House of Representatives chamber today, that message was received loud and clear.  For leaders watching around the world, it should be as well: if “never again” has any meaning, Iran must be stopped.

The overriding theme of messaging from the White House is that a bad deal is better than no deal at all.  Mr. Netanyahu made the case that a bad deal is a bad deal.  No deal is livable, especially if sanctions are imposed on Iran and the price of oil is kept low enough that they cannot really afford to go to war.

This is why Benjamin Netanyahu received so many interruptions due to applause from American lawmakers. He outlined what effective American policy should be, as opposed to the self-neutered form that we have under a petulant child and his regime.

If you need a good dose and reminder of what real leadership looks like, grab a beverage and indulge.  Here it is, Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3, 2015 address to a joint meeting of Congress, the hottest ticket in Washington, D.C.  Enjoy.



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