[MUST WATCH] Stuart Varney On George Soros Buying Government Control Of The Internet

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Overlooked in all of the talk regarding the loss of free speech with yesterday’s Federal Communications Commission “passing net neutrality” was where the push for the government to regulate the internet came from in the first place.  (Frankly, market forces had it functioning just fine on its own.)  The Media Research Center, Washington Examiner, and this publication (yesterday’s piece can be found here) all reported that George Soros bankrolled non-profits as well as the Ford Foundation poured almost $200 million dollars into the effort.

Net neutrality is another case of “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”  The people who run the internet STILL do not know what regulations they will now be operating under.  They know darn well and good that the only reason the internet came to thrive was the freedom to make it happen without government interference and they aren’t keen on kow-towing.   Wild, wild west and all that.  That the job of regulating a renegade “utility” is most likely more gargantuan than taking over the health care system is something the government people probably haven’t figured out yet – or that the people who run the darn thing are decidedly NOT on the government’s side.   (Regulation is going to be a cluster and incredibly hard to do.  SHHH!  That’s a secret.)  Training the next generation of internet entrepreneurs to conform – that’s another matter.  That’s why we have government schools, right?

As usual, the ONLY mass media outlet to report that aspect of the story was Fox News.  Watch:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NndT-YXixsU&w=560&h=315]

Far from being stupid, the American people are quite well aware of what this move signifies: for our self-appointed overlords to control as completely as possible the messaging vehicles that transmit social, political and cultural norms as well as the search engines that make access to such information user friendly.

Plain and simply, the overlords want to be sure the people can be controlled and this is one chink in that wall.  Too bad for them that there are people out there dedicated to climbing over the buttresses from the comfort of their bedrooms.

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