Must Watch Mark Levin On Entitlements And Stealing The Future From Babies


The true reality in the United States is that the largest segment of the federal government’s budget is entitlements.  Yes, the actual cash is handed out by the states, but the idea of centralized control and keeping the unwashed masses fed and comfortable originates in Washington.

For decades now, the people of the political right have been all but screaming that the social security trust fund is full of IOUs rather than cash, and that entitlement on top of entitlement is unsustainable.  The problem is that few people on the left want to talk about that let alone dig deep, swallow, and have the discussion about what it is going to take to cut social spending outside of the military (which is a bargain when it comes to social spending).

Those of us who have been watching the debt rack up and wander into the trillions of dollars after so many decades, are wondering just how long it’s going to take before the people who are paying for all of this wake up and recognize that entitlements is not so much a transfer of wealth as it is sending money down a rathole.  Mark Levin has some words for the people who need to hear this hard message.

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One of the problems with discussing entitlements is the abstract thinking required to understand just how bad things are.  Levin gives this a shot, but the truth is, many Americans just are not going to understand until, like Greece, payments cannot be made to the people.  The money plain and simply will not be there.

This topic is one of the very reasons why there are so many members of Generation X claiming to be conservatives.  The Baby Boom kicked the can to us.  Now, we are in the process of doing the same to millennials.  Sooner or later, though, as Levin says, we are going to have to discuss all of this and make some rough decisions.

Video from The Daily Signal

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