MUST WATCH Judge Jeanine LAMBASTS Obama In STUNNING Monologue

Judge Jeanine ISIS

Hold on to your hats, folks.  The pundit class is not afraid to take on the Occupier of the Oval Office and the momentum is gaining steam.  Last week we saw Bill Hemmer’s disbelief that Barack Obama could be so weak at a time we need strength from our leaders.  Over the weekend, Judge Jeanine Pirro gave voice to what the people really think of this “president’s” performance as leader.

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“Stop telling us what Islam is not, and start telling us how you are going to protect us.”

If that isn’t the seminal sentence of the good judge’s Opening Statement…. There are other lines that can compete, but none so distilled in clarity and meaning.  Obama is an apologist for Islam.  There is no other way to put it.  As a result, his invocation of Christianity in an infantile and ignorant manner is downright insulting to the millions of very educated Christians in this country who know darn well and good that Christian charity is, as the Judge says, a matter for the individual, not the government.

Judge Jeanine is correct when she says we in America can handle the truth.  We are not stupid.  My colleague Mike Shepard here at DC Gazette said that very thing not once in the last week, but twice while wrangling in a war of words with the White House.  The American people have been subject to applied psychology in the form of advertising and public relations for over a hundred years.  If the efforts are good, most people cannot tell they are being manipulated.  If they are piss-poor, as is currently coming from the Obama White House, and are a constant variation on the Amity Mayor in Jaws keeping the beaches open with a great white shark feeding on the villagers, and Kevin Bacon standing amid all the chaos the Delta House can muster yelling “Remain calm, ALL IS WELL,” we’re going to know the O-man is full of horse hockey.

Judge Jeanine is absolutely correct in this Opening Statement: Barack Obama is the most divisive, and patronizing president we have had in my lifetime.  Not that I really remember him, but even Jimmy Carter wasn’t stirring the racial pots all the time and patting us on the head and more or less saying “No, no, don’t you worry about this” when concerns arose.  (He was more likely to go hide in some man cave with a white couch and a cream oriental rug wearing a sweater and drinking hot cocoa.)

Thanks to a 24/7 news cycle, and a still free and open internet, we see and comprehend what is going on.   We know that ISIS has gone beyond the regular social media platforms.  We know that the people responsible for the terrorist attacks in Paris sneaked (or snuck for all grammar non-purists) into France and Belgium posing as refugees or migrants.  We know that letting such people into the country using some misguided sense of Christian guilt is irresponsible, and that widows and orphans are not the issue at all.  More than anything we are tired of the Occupant of the Oval Office telling us that it is our duty to not feel this way.

Well, Obama, YOU took an oath to protect US.  YOU are trying to tell us that this is not your job.  We know better.  Thanks to Judge Jeanine for putting the thoughts of so many Americans into words.

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