MUST WATCH: Blast From The Past - Jen Psaki Says Military Might Won't Destroy ISIS ⋆ Dc Gazette

MUST WATCH: Blast From The Past – Jen Psaki Says Military Might Won’t Destroy ISIS

Jen Psaki featherhead

Some days this writer contemplates a new business venture creating liberal and leftist lingo bingo cards for all good conservatives to play while watching the people in the Obama Administration make idiots of themselves on national television.

Case in point is the return of Jen Psaki to the airwaves, one of the featherheaded tandem of spokeschicks formerly of the State Department who regularly tangled with the Associated Press’ Matt Lee, and usually lost pretty badly.  Jen left the State Department at the commencement of her maternity leave, and is now appearing solo on the morning shows with the White House over her shoulder.  Get a load of this exchange:

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“Military might is not going to win this war and end this conflict.”

Is she effing serious?  When was the last time a non-military power won a war?  Any war, even the Cold War.  And contradicting Dianne Feinstein.  Yeah, California Di is not known for agreeing with Republicans all that often, so when she says she reads the intelligence and ISIS is not contained, they are not contained.  By a long shot.

“Empowering our allies”

These people have spent entirely too much time in 1990s style Human Resources workshops.

“We need to take out ISIL leadership.”

Well, yes, this is true, but so far ISIS-ISIL-Islamic State is turning out to be a modern day Hydra.  Cut one head off and another one pops up somewhere else.  To really render the Islamists neutered, the opposing force needs to defeat them not simply in body, but mind and soul as well, and that is something Americans have very little taste for since our own bloody war between the states.  Unfortunately, to defeat an enemy, General Sherman had it right in 1864.  ISIS must be destroyed in all capacities, not just cutting off the head, and it’s going to take more than just training and arming a handful of Kurds.

“Working with partners like Turkey.”

Did Jen see the video from the minute of silence before the soccer game in Istanbul Tuesday night?  Did she hear the whistles and the boos and the shouts of Allah Akbar when the request was to remember the dead in Paris?  Did she hear the same scenario play out in Azerbaijan last night.  Who the heck does she think she’s kidding?  The government of Turkey might “close” its borders in some attempt to appease NATO and Europe just because they want to be a member of the club, but make no mistake, Turkey is an ally on their own terms.

As much as this writer would like to believe that Jen Psaki’s featherheadedness is coming from late night feedings of her newborn, the truth is she is spouting the same crap the rest of the Obama Administration is using tired terminology that veterans of corporate America detest.  To beat ISIS, military might is absolutely needed.  Political solutions mean nothing to people who live by the sword.

So Jen Psaki returns.  Have to think about the leftist and liberal lingo bingo thing.

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