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Every now and then, a collegial news entity or outlet comes up with a project that should be seen and understood by all Americans. produced a video, released this week, on Operation Choke Point, the Obama Administration’s pet project that pressures the banking system to cut off “objectionable” businesses from access to the credit card apparatus, and business checking accounts  – the very things business in the United States needs, largely, to survive.

Since 2013, stories have trickled into the blogosphere about bank accounts of porn stars, gun dealers, pay day loans, pawn shops, and more being closed for no other reason than the activity of the account owner meets some sort of objectionable criteria for the bank in question which had never had an objection before.  Now that there is a critical mass of these stories, and that there have been Congressional hearings regarding Operation Choke Point, has put together the following video that all Americans need to see to understand what “fundamental transformation” of America was supposed to look like, and what it looks like now with the help of the Federal Reserve Bank.

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Regardless of what the people in the Obama Administration and the banking industry think, the sorts of businesses targeted by Operation Choke Point have every right to exist under the laws of the United States as any other, even if they are regulated.  If their activity is so objectionable, then the law needs to change to reflect that.  There is no provision for an independent office within government that now answers to the Federal Reserve Bank – a private entity that runs the nation’s money supply – to make such moral decisions.

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