MUST LISTEN: Walid Shoebat Drops Bombshells About Islam

Walid Shoebat

Think you know Islam?  Think you know what the little buggars are up to night and day?  Think you know what the followers of Mohammad do that makes them uniquely muslim?  Think again.  One of the internet’s great stars of the anti-jihad message, former Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorist and convert to Christianity, Walid Shoebat, was a guest on the Michael Savage show December 4, two days after the San Bernardino terrorist massacre. For twenty five minutes, Shoebat said things about Islam and its followers that no one else dares to voice.

Grab a beverage and put the dog in your lap.  This writer had to listen to the full interview twice just to digest all the information Shoebat told the audience.

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Just to review Shoebat’s assertions that we didn’t already know or that doesn’t have to do with this specific attack, here’s a quick study guide:

  • Muslims scrub the websites of the mosques to make the families of the terrorists look good and patriotic.
  • Many of the terrorists we are seeing are really from Pakistan with passports from any number of nations in the Middle East. It is very easy there to get counterfeit documents for assumed names with clean records.
  • Tashfeen Malik was an Islamic warrior who conquered Andalucia in Spain. The woman terrorist in San Bernardino bore a code name for ISIS.
  • Almost all mosques teach violence.
  • There is a code language among the people who are native Islamists.
  • Attacks are done “in the abode of your home.” They take the fight to the enemy anytime, anywhere in order to make the people afraid to conduct everyday business, and “crush the economy”.
  • There is an ISIS manifesto that calls for the murder of ten million Americans.
  • Muslims will use ANY and EVERY mechanism on their side to inflict violence, damage, and injury to the American psyche. This includes people who are naive about Islam just taking advantage of our religious liberty.
  • All major Islamic organizations harbor, finance, and assist terrorists.
  • Jihad is a political mechanism and ideology, more of a cult than a religion.
  • The liberal agenda has the same mentality as Islamists.
  • Environmentalism is part of Islam.
  • In Islam, an unborn child’s soul is not immediately part of the person, so abortion is allowed to a certain point.
  • Islam teaches The Big Bang Theory and evolution.
  • Islam believes in “share the wealth” and is socialist.  Egypt, Libya and so on before the Muslim Brotherhood took over WERE socialist nations.
  • Muslims hold up one finger to denounce the Trinity and pledge to ISIS, thus making this jihad a war on Christianity.
  • Syrians are inclined to beheadings. They see them all the time.  (Shoebat says it’s like Americans go fishing.)

Then there is the effort on the part of the American, and other western governments, to fight the terrorists that is woefully inadequate:

  • Estimates are that over 100,000 pro-ISIS muslims have entered the United States already.
  • Profiling is not foolproof, but it does filter 89-90% of terrorists, and yet agents within the American government are not allowed to do it.
  • The American government bows and scrapes to the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). (We already knew that, but it’s always good to have a confirmation.)
  • The way the Obama Administration has conducted itself, and with the proclamation from Loretta Lynch that anti-Islamic speech will be prosecuted, the onus for success in the war on terror is being put on police in a completely no win situation.
  • Chatrooms where Islamists and the people looking to kill us all are encrypted.  (Some claims out there state that a number are on the dark web, hidden from anything Google can actually search.)
  • Daily, there are upwards of 17,000 conversations between Islamists going on in the chatrooms. The west does not have enough agents well versed enough in Arabic and the ways of ISIS and the Taliban to be able to monitor all of them. The terrorist vetting process is far more involved than the mafia’s.
  • There are websites all over the internet and the dark web with detailed instructions of how to make bombs.
  • Saudi Arabia is the cradle of the branch of Islam that brought us Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, and yet they are considered one of our closest allies. A Saudi Arabian passport gets muslims into the country with no questions asked.
  • Russia’s Vladimir Putin is exactly right about the jihad coming from the Islamists. It is a war against Christianity.

Just as a reminder of what constraints are on Shoebat as he tries to get his message out:

  • He is prohibited from speaking in New Jersey (or the rest of the country for that matter) by the government.
  • FoxNews will no longer have him as a guest.
  • He is considered a profiler, and therefore his word is verbotten across the American government.

Shoebat claims that many more American lives will need to be lost before the country really wakes up to the realities of Islam and jihad.  Probably, but with the proliferation of weapons purchased while Barack Obama has been Occupier of the Oval Office, there’s a good chance that given the opportunity, the people will shoot back when confronted with terrorism in their midst.

(At least, we should hope that the American people haven’t lost their pluck when it comes to shooting back.)

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