Muslims Guilt University Of Maryland Into Not Showing “American Sniper”


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Yep.  It happened again, just like it is a concerted effort across the country to blackout a patriotic movie about an American war hero.  This time the stunt was pulled at the University of Maryland.  When a screening of the movie “American Sniper” was scheduled by the school’s Student Entertainment Events (SEE), muslims on campus got on their high horse and reiterated the all too familiar mantra that the movie is islamaphobic, nationalistic and racist all while it dehumanizes muslims.

“American Sniper only perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia and is offensive to many Muslims around the world for good reason,” read a petition launched by the university’s Muslim Students Association. “This movie dehumanizes Muslim individuals, promotes the idea of senseless mass murder, and portrays negative and inaccurate stereotypes.”

Can you feel the guilt trip flow like the force around you?

Naturally, the sensitivity police at the University of Maryland could not risk offending the little muslims with the oh so delicate sensibilities.  So they postponed the viewing of the movie indefinitely.

“SEE is choosing to explore the proactive measures of working with others during the coming months to possibly create an event where students can engage in constructive and moderated dialogues about the controversial topics proposed in the film,” read a statement from SEE posted on the university’s website.

How many buzz clichés can you get in one sentence?  The muslims on campus are euphoric.  The Republicans are furious.

“Universities are always trying to satisfy the political correctness police and worry about who they might offend – rather than standing up for principle and the First Amendment of the Constitution,” [Breyer] Hillegas, [president of the university’s College Republicans said]. …”If the university prevents a movie like that from being shown – it promotes intolerance and stifles dialogue and debate – and goes directly against the atmosphere that the University of Maryland is supposed to support.”

“’American Sniper’ is not about a racist, mass-murderer or criminal,” he said. “It’s about a decorated American war hero who served this country valiantly.”

Shall we break this down for the muslims who seem to get their feelings hurt awfully easily?

  1. The title of the movie is AMERICAN Sniper.  It is being shown in universities in AMERICA.  To AMERICANS.  Yes, we are nationalistic.  If you’re going to live here, get used to it.
  2. No one who is in a war zone and is taking out specific targets by sniper rather than daisy cutter bombs is afraid of Islam, or any other enemy.  Quite the contrary.  That person is confident in his abilities.  And snipers are not mass murderers like suicide pilots who fly airplanes full of jet fuel into buildings or cowards who leave bombs in backpacks meant to kill random people on the side of a marathon route.  Sniper targets are carefully selected during war as people who are material to the success of an enemy.  From one side’s perspective, it is vital that individual be taken out.
  3. In war, dehumanizing of the enemy is part of the process.  Muslims should be familiar with this as jihad practices this very notion.  Muslims call non-muslims kafir or infidel.  We who are Christians or Jews or anything else are nothing to Islam.  We’re essentially pigs and muslims recoil from all things porcine.
  4. Stereotypes wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a kernel of truth in them.  That’s the unfortunate thing about stereotypes.  Sooner or later, the people complaining about them – such as any Jew, Catholic or Muslim who complains about guilt trips, and then turns around and requests a movie be pulled from a schedule with a diatribe that by any other name is a guilt trip – will reinforce the caricatures.  That’s just what’s happening here.

Muslims may complain that they feel like they are in danger after students have watched “American Sniper.”  Maybe so, but most likely not.  American culture does not foster the idea that all members of any one group are the same.  We also do not believe in harming others without extreme just cause, like self-defense.  Law in this country bears that out.  Wife beating, rape, honor killing, etc., is not condoned, is illegal, and people who are convicted of the act go to jail.

It would behoove the muslims who seem to want to live in a protective cocoon of never being insulted or hated because of who and what they are to not get their way, and learn a valuable lesson that Americans who have traveled abroad, Jew, Catholics, Irish, Italians, St. Louis Cardinals fans and more all have: the world is a nasty place and people are going to hate you simply because of who you are.  That’s part of growing up, which is supposed to be what college and university is all about.

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