Muslim Student Pulls Guilt Trip Trick To Stop Campus Viewing Of “American Sniper”

Chris Kyle

It seems that the more activist of muslim students attending American universities – in this case the University of Missouri – Columbia – have no problem trying to book Americans on guilt trips to get their way.  In recent weeks, Farah El-Jayyousi, a psychology and women’s studies major at Mizzou (how’s that for a combination) objected to the university showing the latest classic American film, “Amercian Sniper,” on campus, and wrote a long, scathing letter to the Missourian, the campus newspaper declaring:

I do not feel safe on this campus and for good reason. The fact that this film is being shown, the fact that I have to explain why this film is not only problematic but harmful makes me feel even more unsafe. Showing this film will create an even more hostile environment for me and other Arab, Muslim, South Asian and people of color on this campus.

Is it just me, or does she sound paranoid?  If anyone doesn’t feel safe on the Mizzou campus, it’s more likely due to the demise of the basketball program after Norm Stewart retired, but I digress.  It seems that to this woman, far from being a hero, or a protector of men, Chris Kyle was  “a killer with no regard for human life.”  Americans caught in a 1300 year Holy War not of our making will disagree with El-Jayyousi, but we will defend her right to voice her opinion.  She, on the other hand, wants to silence the film itself, at least on campus, even if she denies it:

Lastly, I would like to clarify that this is not an attempt at censorship but an affirmation of my right to feel safe in my body and identity wherever I may be, including this campus. Freedom of speech should not come at the expense of anyone’s humanity and right to be viewed, talked about and treated with basic respect and dignity.

I am asking that this film not be shown and that an official, public apology and explanation be issued by all parties involved in approving the screening of American Sniper on Mizzou’s campus.

She wants an APOLOGY for AMERICANS showing an AMERICAN film depicting an AMERICAN hero on an AMERICAN university campus which happens to be state owned.  How bold can one be?

Sweetheart, you’re going to school to learn to play mind games at a university smack dab in the middle of the United States, in a place where football cheers targeted at the archenemies include obscenities and you think THOSE people are going to take you seriously when you are calling an honest to goodness American hero a coldblooded, racist killer?  Have you used any of those psychological observation skills on actual Americans, or just the ones you see on TV?

To the credit of the Mizzou student association, after a pretty vocal outcry from the student body, voted to air the film on April 17 and 18, albeit with some sort of sensitivity training on the side to help students not feel so…vulnerable by “cultivating an inclusive campus climate.”  (Can’t wait to hear what the engineering and ag majors have to say about that.)

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