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Mizzou Protest Narrative Begins To Unravel As Hunger Striker Is Exposed

Jonathan Butler addresses a crowd following the announcement that University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe would resign, Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, at the university in Columbia, Mo. Butler has ended his hunger strike as a result of the resignation. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

This writer is still convinced that eventually, once all the dust settles and the tents are put away ahead of today’s tornado weather, the protest lollapalooza at the University of Missouri – Columbia, Mizzou for most of us, some billionaire is going to pop out.  In the meantime, though, the few news people with integrity left are at least digging up the dirt on Jonathan Butler, the graduate student who staged a “hunger strike” in order to get Tim Wolfe, the university system president, to resign.

Thanks to the Omaha World-Herald, we now know a little bit about this brat, uh, #BlackLivesMatter protester.

Butler is one of three children of Eric and Cynthia Butler, pastor and co-pastor at Joy of Life Ministries, 6401 N. 56th St. Eric Butler is the executive vice president for marketing and sales of Union Pacific.

So, Butler’s dad works at UP, huh.  And an executive vice president at that with a compensation, according to reports, of over $8 million, and high enough on the UP food chain to be listed as one of the six top officers on the Securities and Exchange Commission filings.  It should be pretty safe to say that Jonny probably didn’t have to struggle much like the old black lady living in public housing in the National Rifle Association commercials who marched with Martin Luther King at Selma and knows her rights.  Given that UP is one of the few business and transportation entities in existence that the country really cannot do without, Eric Butler, Jonathan’s dad, must be smart and know his stuff when it comes to marketing and sales.

A lot of us did actually know that Jonathan Butler was a graduate student at Mizzou.  His undergraduate degree is in business administration and is working on a masters in educational administration and policy.  He’s been a student at Mizzou for seven years…and he’s never felt comfortable there, which begs the question why did he stay….  It wasn’t to play football like he did in high school.  (That was another interesting twist.)

Maybe more on that later.

So, now that the damage is done, and the drive-by media has done the University of Missouri – and the rest of the state – no favors, we’re finding out that the hunger striker who threw a fit to get someone who really did nothing wrong fired is actually the spoiled child of a railroad executive who is employed by the same sorts of billionaires that financed the #BlackLivesMatter movement and pounced on Ferguson when Michael Brown was killed by a cop defending himself.

Don’t know about you, dear reader, but this writer is waiting for the next shoe to drop.  From the beginning this smelled to being a well-planned set-up.  Nothing like the last week at Mizzou just happens.

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