Miley Cyrus’s Barely There Top On Jimmy Kimmel


Call the fashion police. A crime of epic proportions appeared on late night television last night that didn’t just push the edge of the envelope.  It tore the darn thing wide open, blew air into it, and shredded the evidence.  Miley Cyrus went on Jimmy Kimmel wearing pasties.

Okay, how did Miley Cyrus get to be a cultural icon again?  Watching this half naked, foul mouthed…girl…go on Jimmy Kimmel in a Vegas showgirl costume with just her nipples covered from the waist up – and even he said it made him uncomfortable – what has this culture come to?

Seriously, just wearing pasties over the important nipples is okay for television?  Since when?  Even Jimmy Kimmel was flustered.  And the sad thing is, this doesn’t count as nudity.  Miley is right about that.  How can the nipple be the pornographic part of anatomy when the mounds are there for all to see.  Anyone who wants to see the video, and the conversation Kimmel struggled to make given the half nude body in front of him, can do so here or continue reading for some highlights of Kimmel’s discomfort.

Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, would rather her be half naked on television than clothed and accused of acting like a female dog?  Is she kidding?  Her dad isn’t doing his job if that’s the case.

“Are you more comfortable when other people are uncomfortable?” Kimmel asks. Given that Ms. Cyrus claims to be more comfortable when men, in particular, are uncomfortable…seriously, the poor guys can’t keep their eyes on her face…one has to wonder what the motivation for this is other than gaining attention since the poor girl really doesn’t have much in the way of talent.

And many of us out here on the fruited plain thought the twerking incident last year was bad.  Yeah, Miley Cyrus took exhibitionism to the next level…and unfortunately, that’s about all she seems to be able to do.

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