Michelle Obama’s Never Ending Vacation To Continue


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Straight off of her latest around the world tour – this most recent jaunt featured stops in Japan, the United Kingdom and Cambodia – Michelle Obama announced on Monday, she will take yet more of these “education” trips featuring her “Let Girls Learn” program.

Mrs. Obama says the U.S. will continue to urge developed countries to join the effort.  

And when they join, she says ‘I’m going to hop on a plane and join them’ to highlight the work.

The first lady says she’ll also visit developing countries to show how the program benefits girls and their communities….

‘Instead of having to work or support family, I got to go to school,’ Obama said.

She said that girls all over the world deserve to feel safe and to live up to their true potential.

‘We would never accept a life of dependence and abuse for our girls,’ Obama said during her speech at a lunch sponsored by MORE magazine.

‘We would never allow their bodies to be violated or for their potential to be squandered. We have to ask ourselves, “Why would we accept this fate for any girl on this planet?”‘

Obama said that in some countries, girls are willing to risks their lives in order to get an education so they may as well have a school to fight to attend.

Before getting into the minor little details of what it takes to pull off these luxury trips, uh,  educational missions, which usually amount to a handful of photo ops and an hour-long speech, Michelle Obama’s message is for girls to throw over their biological function in the continuance of humanity for an education, which is being touted as the only way out of poverty?  The basic Obama message that a child is a burden is still there.

Education is a good thing, that is not in question.  Everyone should have one in order to learn to read, do math, think, and find out basic information that will help one understand how the world works, but without the economic opportunity that comes with non-dictatorial governments, it’s a lot of time spent. (And some of us in the industrialized world are wondering why we bothered when the minimum wage is now higher than the salaries we got when we started working in offices.)  What an education does NOT do is encourage relations with community, teach one basic living and survival skills, nor does it do much to instruct the likes of Michelle Obama on how to dress a bad figure.

And for the First “Lady” of the United States to do these little trips?  Yes, more of your tax dollars spent.  After all, they start with the advance team that’s sent in a couple weeks ahead.  Then there’s the security and embassy coordination.  Hotel accommodations, and let’s face it, Michelle Obama and her entourage do not stay in anything resembling youth hostels.  All flights, of course, are taken on U.S. Air Force ships.  Fighter escorts?  That’s a lot of jet fuel burned for one hour speeches.  To put it mildly, Michelle Obama’s travel tastes are not cheap.

And we’re paying for it.  All so she can spread her message that an education is the key out of poverty.  It would help if the oppressive governments of the world would be more accommodating to their own people, but we’re not supposed to notice that.

A video of Michelle Obama’s speech at the MORE Impact Awards is available on the UK’s Daily Mail.

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