Media Keeps Curtain Shrouding Planned Parenthood Firmly Closed


Last week, after the fourth Planned Parenthood related video was released by the Center for Medical Progress, one of this writer’s more media savvy friends wrote of her disgust toward Planned Parenthood on Facebook.  It seems that this woman, who is a fairly devout pro-life Christian mom and spouse of a cop, had no idea that any of the uproar had been going on for the previous two weeks.

In contrast, the more hard core liberals among family and friends who are all still sporting their rainbow profile photos were posting smug and frankly nasty comments about abortion rights, hypocrisy when it comes to being pro-life when there isn’t talk about what happens AFTER the child is born (translation, no government welfare) and the number of children in the foster care system.  The concept of the morality of abortion itself was completely lost…of course, hardly any of these people are parents and that is by choice.

From the tenor of all of the messaging, it looked like none of the people involved watch Fox News OR read conservative blogs.  There’s no way they could have and have been able to feign any sort of ignorance on the issue or explain away the concept of purposefully altering an abortion procedure in order to extract intact fetal organs whether they are sold or not.  No, for the most part, this is the Jon Stewart and MSNBC crowd.

What brought the one friend to mind, though, was a poll taken by YouGov and discussed by Allahpundit and Mollie Hemingway that demonstrated just how uninformed – or malinformed as the case may be – regarding the current Planned Parenthood debate.

Planned Parenthood have you heard

70% of the people polled have heard little or nothing at all about the whole controversy?  That wasn’t even enough to change minds when it came to the organization itself.

Planned Parenthood opinion

It seems that the light blocking curtain still veils the truth of Planned Parenthood’s activities to the wider world.  If more people knew that they were up to, this number should have changed more than 5%.  Many people aren’t even aware that what they are up to with all the abortion altering is illegal, and what the Planned Parenthood officials admit when it comes to pricing and legal interpretation skirts, if not outright violates, the law as well.

Across the board, Planned Parenthood’s apologists extol the services to 2.7 million women with health care options not in the abortion arena.  (Contraception is a close relative that often results in abortion when the method fails…something the sycophants don’t want to talk about.)  Offering cancer screenings and sexually transmitted disease testing is all well and good, but as so many other pundits and writers explain, every state has far more public clinics than Planned Parenthood facilities.  Is their patient load really that high that they can’t absorb a few more?

But still, contrary to the supporters’ beliefs, abortion is still a HUGE part of Planned Parenthood’s business.  And that moonlighting happens in the form of harvesting intact fetal organs for, uh, the line item price of containment and shipping at a huge mark-up…spin doesn’t make that one more palatable.

But here’s the problem.  In the United States, the message that this is happening is being held away from the very people who need to know about it order to make an informed decision.  And that, to those who work so hard to get these messages out, is hard to swallow.

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