Media Fossil Goes After Carly Fiorina On Planned Parenthood

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This writer will make no bones about her trepidation when it comes to Carly Fiorina actually being president of the United States.  However, the one statement she made at the CNN debate last week that rang amazingly true, and does explain quite a bit about the leftist denial about the resurgence in the national discussion on abortion, was her statement which was essentially volunteered on Planned Parenthood:

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Having watched all the videos in question, this writer knew that the part about the live child was not accurate.  One video does have a still photo of a baby that died and miscarried.  There is no actual footage of killing.  But there is footage of technicians going through fetal remains and identifying the pieces and parts.  Of course, THAT inaccuracy set off a round of attempts to bury Carly Fiorina from the American leftist media with the implication that Planned Parenthood isn’t really selling baby parts.  (If it wasn’t a sale, why the negotiation?  The price should be fixed based on a monetary formula.  Jeez.)

Where Fiorina was right on this was in saying that if anyone on the left had actually WATCHED the videos, they would understand that the accusations have merit.  Who barters over the price of a fetal liver and still has a soul?  And that is what makes attacks by people like…Eleanor Clift?!…so absurd.  This is what she had to say over the weekend on the McLaughlin Group.

She played real fast and loose, though, with the facts around Planned Parenthood and I think she’s really is overreaching in the criticism she’s making of an organization that millions of women in this country have gotten services from. And to imply that they are selling and harvesting and selling baby parts – that doesn’t bear out with the facts and I think it’s really offensive.

Once the gentle reader unscrunches his or her face and realizes that the McLaughlin Group is STILL ON THE AIR despite being a relic of the 80’s, we can all join in the chorus that says, “Eleanor, you didn’t watch the videos.”

And THAT is the point that Fiorina made and the leftist media is proving for her in their attacks.  They didn’t watch the videos.  Period.  If they did, they would realize that Fiorina has a point even if the price per body part is cloaked in the term “compensation” either for collection or shipping, and that Fiorina took artistic license with her descriptions.  Ad  hominem attacks on the Center for Medical Progress for their tactics in collecting the footage doesn’t change the nature of the discussion.

Planned Parenthood is working to provide researchers with tissue procured by abortion in exchange for cash.  Doesn’t matter that they cloak it in other terms and euphemisms, that’s what is going on.  And ultimately, the question does remain: what kind of country allows this to happen?

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