Mark Dice Asks Girls On The Beach: Is The Presidency A MAN’s Job? They Said…..

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In their eternal bid to rule the world, feminists have bitten off more than they can chew.  That seems to be the consensus of a number of bikini clad, female non bimbos Mark Dice managed to find wondering around the beachfront in San Diego.  Mr. Dice’s question: Is the Presidency a Man’s job?  Check out what the ladies had to say:

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Just so that we have this straight:

  • Real women of California think women have the wrong junk to run the country.  Not sure how Steve Harvey would play that, but the possibilities are endless.
  • A boy would be much better at the job.
  • There are actually women walking around in the People’s Republic of California who do not support Hillary Clinton. (Yes, miracles do happen.)
  • “Women are too emotional.”  No argument here.  I mean, voting with the heart and not the head is what brought us Barack Obama.
  • “Not the Hillary.  I don’t trust her.”  Yeah, neither does anyone else who thinks.

The last young lady who thinks that there are women who are capable…yes, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Margaret Thatcher, Catherine the Great, and Queen Elizabeth I come to mind.  But these women tend to be the exception rather than the rule.  Not that women aren’t effective in many jobs, just that maybe being a world leader isn’t as easy as it looks and thinking like a woman in those positions can get you into trouble.  For proof of that, see Germany and Angela Merkel.

Okay, break over.  Time for our regularly scheduled battle of the sexes.

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