Marines4Truth And Global Warming!!! Control With Fear To Rip You Off…

imageGlobal Warming and Ebola are instruments of distraction to achieve individual gain. Let’s start with Global warming and Al Gore. He scares people into believing the world is going to end while building his fortune. If the DOJ would take a look into his portfolio, I would wager they could find some dirty money. Money from the companies that build equipment required in the industry to reduce emissions. Green companies have a lot to gain when your refinery is required to install their product. Are we suppose to believe Al Gore cares about anything but himself including our environment.

This man would sell you the air you breathe if he could discover a way to make you buy it. For the right price he would get on a stage and scare the world about Ebola. Speaking of our most recent scare lets talk about Ebola. We were told to prepare for an outbreak that would wipe out thousands. The media hires experts to lie while they suspend Brian Williams for lying. While everyone is listening to the lies being told by the media thousands of illegals were flooding our border. ISIS is killing people by the thousands while Ebola was labeled as a deadly outbreak that killed just one. The outbreak we need to care about is the continuous lies being issued by the media and lawmakers.

They need to put a stop to the liars in Washington and start telling it like it is. They won’t do that so please allow me. We are at war, and the enemy is marching in. A terrorist sleeper cell can be found at 1600 Pensylvania Ave and leading a whole Army. Global warming and Ebola won’t likely hurt you but lying politicians are going to get you killed. Islam doesn’t like to be offended, but it’s ok for them to kill all who don’t believe. Our liars in Washington make promises they never intend to keep. They don’t realize one day soon the American people are going to throw them all out in the street. Republican and Democrat now lie for same team, and it’s time to put true Americans back in DC… God bless America and all you love, Shep  image