Marines Opinion! Guns Don’t Create Copycats? Our Media Does…

image                                                   It started at Columbine, and will continue as long as the media keeps giving these shooters the attention they seek. We had another shooting as you all know. I would bet he spent many hours looking up shootings of the past. Thinking the world would know him, if he could just get his face on television. The media needs to send the message that killing won’t make you famous even after you are dead. Baseball once had an epidemic of people running onto a field. These people set their recorders then went to the game. They would attack players just to make sure it made the news. After they got out of jail they went home just to see themselves on television. ESPN and MLB stopped filming these idiots, and we quit seeing it on the news. Not long after Major League Baseball watched their epidemic disappear.

If you want these shootings to stop, tell the media to stop putting the shooters face on television. Tell the media to show respect for the victims and stop giving recognition to the scum that destroyed their lives. There are thousands of copycats watching every detail of this story. Some people will do anything for attention. If the shooter is dead or behind bars, we don’t need to know anything about them. They are cowards and not worth a minute of our time. We don’t need to know his name or anything about his life. We don’t need to know what he had for breakfast or his reasons for hating church. Anytime Columbine is mentioned the only face we see or remember are the shooters. Mainstream media did story after story about those cowardly punks. It’s time that we respect the victims by not giving the shooter what he wants. We will never understand why people do the things they do. The shooter is dead, and will never hurt anyone again. It is time for a little respect for the lives that matter to include the victims of every color… God bless each and everyone… Semper Fi, Shep

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