Marines Message To UN & New World Order!!! Not Happening…

image                                                      With rumors of the New World Order I feel it’s time to send a message to the UN and enlighten them of a few things.

Members and leaders of the UN my name is Mike Shepard. I am a United States Marine who now writes for the DC Gazette. Most of you are educated while demonstrating very little common sense. Just like those who ignored Churchhill about Hitler many of you choose to ignore Netanyahu when it comes to Iran. You think if you kiss the ass of those who wish to destroy you they might change their mind. Respect is earned not given and most of you have lost ours. This country is not what you see on the news and certainly nothing like the corrupt politicians we elected to represent this country.


Most Americans are kind, loving and hard working which includes every race color and religion. We love our flag, country, and stand by the constitution. We don’t owe this world anything anymore than it owes us. I will never apologize for this country nor ask you to apologize for yours. Our people own guns for hunting and protection, and if you don’t like it stay out of our yard. My advice to anyone before coming to America is to educate yourselves to our laws and respect our culture as I would do the same for you. If you’re not happy in your home, don’t bring you trouble to ours. People of every color struggle in our country and we have zero tolerance for anyone who messes with our kids.

Too many have fought and died for freedom so we will have to pass on your New World Order. If you desire one government then prepare yourselves to live by ours as I wish you luck with that one. If every college in the world could provide common sense this world wouldn’t be in the shape most of you have put us in. There are over 22 million veterans in America who took the oath to defend our constitution which has no expiration date. Generations have fought and died for our freedom and every veteran will do it for them. I can only pray that we don’t have to prove it… God bless each of you and forever bless His world, #Marine4Truth, Shep