(Marine4Truth) Taking A Bribe Is A Crime!!! Why Aren’t They In Jail?

image                                                  To obtain money for a vote is a bribe and a crime. Many people of the past have gone to jail for taking bribes. How can lawmakers in Washington be any different. The laws of the past were written to protect not punish. Now laws are voted on with the incentive of money. Let’s face it people don’t pour money into a candidate unless they acquire something in return. Those who donate to ones campaign are entitled to nothing but expect certain favors after one is elected. To bribe any lawmaker is a crime and to accept that bribe one becomes a criminal disguised as a politician.

Corruption in government has taken place since before the Romans. But when money becomes more important than the safety of our kids we have to put a stop to it. Al Capone was as crooked as they come, but even He loved this country. Our problem today is not everyone in Washington loves this country which has put your children in grave danger. I would be willing to bet that our border is still open for one reason and that is money. Money Gram and Western Union make billions off people sending money back home. I wonder how many politicians have money linked to the lobbyist of those two companies.

If any child is harmed in this country because of their greedy decisions, then lord help them because I can’t. I don’t care what color, race or religion, we love our children and must protect them. If money is more important than our children’s safety it’s time we stop voting for this greed. While ISIS rapes the children of the Middle East, Washington has begun to rape ours. Our children are not for sale and it’s time for Washington to be reminded of that. They are selling out our children’s future all for their precious dime. Start voting for the people so our grandchildren might have a chance to have children of their own. God bless each of you and forever bless all you love… Shep #Marine4Truth                                           image