#Marine4Truth Sends Hillary A Letter!!! How Most Marines Feel About Her…

image Hello Mrs. Clinton my name is Mike Shepard a Marine who now writes for the DC Gazette. My family dates back to 1775 known to you and the world as United States Marines. I have read reports with your claim that you tried to join the Marines in 1975. All due respect mam, but America believes your story as much as the sniper you claim to have met in Bosnia. Any Marine knows that 26 years of age is not too old to join, but many other factors would prevent you from ever joining our beloved Corps. The Marine Corps is a family that prides itself on loyalty, honesty, and integrity demonstrated through action, not a smokescreen flowing from a politicians mouth. Countless men and women have stood on those yellow footprints while taking the very same oath that you and so many have forgotten.


Marines have a loyalty to this country and leave no man behind. If you had what it takes to be a Marine ambassador Stevens would be with us today. I served while your husband was president as you demonstrated your respect for others. Just because my brothers opened the door for you as you looked down upon them doesn’t mean they are less than you. God loves you as He loves all others, therefore we are no better and you are no less. Marines come in many forms, but we are not entitled as this country owes us nothing anymore than it owes you. We earn the right to serve our country, unlike many politicians who buy theirs. When each of you are long forgotten the Marines will always be remembered. I pray the next fairy tale you choose is told to your grandchildren and not the children of this country. If you wish to find me just read the letter I wrote to the First Lady or Google #Marine4Truth. Feel free to follow me on Facebook as I expose your friends with the truth. I am praying for you, and everyone who is corrupt in Washington. God bless you, Shep