#Marine4Truth Preparing For War!!! The Things You Should Do…

image                                              Most of us remember those fire drills in school. That alarm would ring as we sat in class. Everyone was out of their seats, and we were headed outside. These drills were designed to prepare us not to scare us. What we needed to do in case of fire. We didn’t go home crying from worry. Our parents didn’t sit around worried it would happen. They went back to work knowing we were safe still knowing it could happen. Well, it’s time for us to prepare for things that could happen.

When this war comes we need to be prepared. It’s better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it. We can no longer sit around and count on others to be prepared. Imagine having no food, water, electricity, or gas, and plan from there. Many know what that’s like having experienced natural disasters in the past. Well, this will become a man-made disaster if Washington doesn’t do something fast. Don’t wait for this to happen because it will be too late. You won’t have the luxury of grocery stores, and the things we take for granted. You are going to need food, water, batteries, candles, and even pet food for an adequate time. Some say six months, so I would go with a year. Remember, it’s hot in September but still cold in March. You need firewood, and plenty of ammo. Stock up on lighters, matches and can goods like tuna or anything you can eat that doesn’t require cooking. You are going to need a few manual can openers. If you live in the suburbs, I would store a few things in the attic. You can wrap food in a plastic bag and bury it if you want? Don’t advertise you are stockpiling food. If you get looted then you will have back up. They are counting on us starving and killing ourselves with panic. Let’s prove them wrong!

Remember, there is safety in numbers so get to know your neighbors. You look out for them, and they will look out for you. Many will not prepare themselves like a lot of you. The ones calling us paranoid today will be the ones asking for help tomorrow. Helping those around you, just might save your life. Some of you won’t make it home and your neighbor might save your kids. Your neighbor might not make it and you will save his. Plan for that when you stockpile food and water. Stockpile extra for those who failed to prepare. We are in this together, and all need to eat. Teach your kids who they can and cannot trust. These will be the ones sharing your food if you don’t make it. During the first few days neighbors should consolidate resources. They should come up with schedules of who has watch. You all need to sleep, but you need someone watching over you. I will help anyone who comes to me in need. I will fight anyone who thinks they will just take what they need.

Living on the gulf coast I have experienced community love and compassion. Hurricanes knock out power for days while neighborhoods pull together. When hurricane Katrina was in the gulf we evacuated Houston. I was one of five million people sitting in that traffic. I was blown away by the compassion of my fellow Man. Normally it takes three hours to get to San Antonio. It took twenty-four hours with no water or gas. We were not prepared because it had never happened. We all thought if we got thirsty we could just run into a store. The few stores open had nothing left. I witnessed people sharing with strangers what they had. We all got through it together. Every race, religion, and financial status were on the freeway that day. The size of your wallet couldn’t get you out. The point is money will buy you nothing if this war erupts. But our love for one another will save us, if we pull together and protect each other’s kids. God bless each of you… Shep #Marine4Truthimage