(#Marine4Truth) First Jihad! Then Martial Law, Then We Have A Dictator…

image With all that’s going on it only seems to be getting worse. We have a few that hold no respect for the law. They lie under oath with no fear in their eyes. We have 435 congressmen and 100 senators who are doing nothing about it. These people mock those who voice their concerns. Their threats of law suites are laughed at during parties paid for by the American taxpayer.


These lawbreakers are traitors who give our money away to the enemy. They cut our military and build up the forces who wish us harm. Our money is being used to help strengthen the enemy. Our money is being used to buy rockets fired at our allies. That money is being used by cowards who use children as human shields. Obama and Kerry have orchestrated the unlawful entry of tens of thousands into our country. They have paid Mexican officials to turn the other cheek. They have financed their crimes with our money. They are also aware that jihadist are crossing our border. Why haven’t we seen anyone arrested? Why hasn’t Obama and John Kerry been charged with treason.

Hoping for change in 2016 is just what they want from us. If politicians don’t do their job there won’t be an election. If you were Al Qaeda who would you want as president. They have spent years setting up command in Washington. If this war breaks out guess what! Article one, section 8, clause 15, allows for the president to declare martial law. Article two, section 2, clause 1, makes Obama commander. More like a dictator than commander. The forces who wish to destroy us are here. Al Qaeda is growing stronger everyday, and our military is being scaled back. Everything going on brings instability to our economy, and weakens this country.

I know there are people here to hurt us. Some of these people read what we are saying. I pray they all change their mind, but I ain’t counting on it. I know some don’t want to go through with it. It’s not to late to share information with law enforcement. It’s only a crime if they don’t change their mind. If they change their mind this nation will be grateful. I pray they don’t put their kids, and the world through this. If you’re in Washington, and you know what’s going on, please come forward. If you don’t the people will have no mercy after the fact. Politicians have to forget about party protocol, and start thinking of our future. They have to untie the hands of justice so we can clean up this mess. This country and the world depend on it. God Bless each and every one of you, Shep #Marine4Truth                                          image