(#Marine4Truth) Farrakhan Seeks 10,000 Volunteers To Kill White People? Marine Sends Him A Message And Challenge!

image                                                  Mr. Farrakhan I am a former Marine who now writes for the DC Gazette. Many know me as Mike Shepard and my friends call me Shep. You call yourself a leader, but leaders will never ask anyone to do what they are not willing to do themselves. You have asked for 10,000 volunteers to murder whites in this country. Well, why don’t you lead by example and go first. I will gladly lay down my life for all those you infect with your hate. Invite me to your church on any given Sunday and I will lay down my life as you give up yours. You live in a gated community, but your final days can be lived out behind bars.


You call on young people to carry out the very thing that you don’t have the balls to do yourself. You live in a million dollar home paid for by the people influenced by your hate. Every child is born to love while you teach them to hate. You ask people to ruin their lives after putting money on a plate passed around at your church. You talk as if this world owes you something regardless of the 3 million dollars you are worth. Invite me with hate and I come to you with love. A love for all that God loves to include everyone in your church. Instead of ruining the lives of young people, let’s end this with me and you. Satan is a punk and has to get people like you to do his dirty work. I challenge you and all hypocrites who preach hate. If you love your people, then prove it by preaching love. But if you wish to ruin their lives with hate, then lead by example and go first.

I gladly look you in the eye as you make me your first victim. You go away to prison and these children never hear your words of hate again. If it would keep one child out of prison I gladly give up my life for any of these kids. Our Father loves you as He loves me, therefore I am no better and you are no less. This hate has to stop and starts with me and you. My bet is on love and gladly bet my life on it. The question is are you willing to bet yours? If you wish to find me my contact information is located at the bottom of a letter I wrote to the First Lady. I have also done an interview in Sydney Australia with Caroline to tell their country my thoughts about you preachers of hate. You are more than welcome to click and watch. #Marine4Truth