Marine Response To Jeb Bush… He Won’t Like This?

image                                                   I just watched Jeb Bush announce his decision to run for president in 2016. I am beyond frustration when I watch candidates stand in front of a camera and make promises they have no intention of keeping. Throughout my life I have witnessed the same promises every four years only to live in a world with the same damned problems. I will not cast my vote for Jeb Bush anymore than I would cast one for Bill or Hillary. I have decided to send this message to Mr. Bush to explain why.

Mr. Jeb Bush,
I am a Marine who now writes for the DC Gazette. I just watched as you said you would take care of our troops and don’t believe a word of it. The most important thing anyone can do for our troops is protect this country which protects their kids. You are not only a supporter of illegal amnesty, but believe our border should remain open. How can you say you care about anyone when you refuse to lock our door. I would be willing to bet your house is secure each night your family goes to sleep. If you truly care about others then you should do everything to protect them.  I served under your dad and stood behind your brother on 9-11. Do you not remember the look on your brothers face the day that so many have forgotten. That look of pain, anger, and frustration which expressed my feeling to the letter. Those people are crossing our border today because of ignorant politicians thinking they won’t do it again. The men and women of our military are deployed protecting you and your kids. We need a President who puts the safety of this country first. If you think having an open border is safe then you are not a president we need. I wish you the very best and pray for everyone which includes you. I hope and pray you find other ways to live your life without destroying ours. God bless you and please send my love to your brother and dad. No offense, but you could learn a thing or two from those two men… Please tell them Semper Fi from, Shep

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