Man Shot By Police Wanted To Die

san fran A man was shot and killed by San Francisco police officers Sunday night after waving a fake gun in a restricted parking area at the police station. Matthew Hoffman, 32, was actually waving an air gun at officers. Hoffman removed the colored tip, which indicates that it is not a real gun.

Officers asked Hoffman to leave the restricted area and he began to walk away, but then stopped, blocking the officers from leaving. They again asked him to leave and Hoffman began to back away again, facing the officers. He then reached into his shirt pockets. Officers asked him to show his hands, and that is when Hoffman pulled out the gun.

The two officers then opened fire on Hoffman, and he was hit 3 times.

Hoffman was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Hoffman had gone to the police station the day before questioning officers on what kind of guns they carried and what kind of ammunition they used. No one would answer his questions and eventually he left.

Upon a search, police found a suicide note on the man’s phone.

The letter was addressed, “Dear Officer(s),” urged them not to feel responsible and said, “You had no other choice.” and “Please, don’t blame yourself. I used you. I took advantage of you. … Please, take solace in knowing that the situation was out of your control. You had no other choice.”

The unidentified officers involved have been put on administrative leave for 10 days, which is protocol in any officer involved shooting.

There will be a town meeting to discuss the situation with local residents.