Man Discovers Object Had Been Embedded in His Arm for 51 Years!


Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Illinois will always remember the 1963 Thunderbird he was driving when he was involved in a car accident (pictured below) 51 years ago…mainly because part of the car was embedded into his arm for all those years.


Lampitt, 75, had his hip broken in the accident, which is why doctors think the arm injury was overlooked. Though the arm had been treated for surface injuries, no one knew a piece of the car was lodged inside, that is, until Lampitt walked into a courthouse about 10 years ago and set off the metal detector. After some initial confusion, it was discovered that there was a slender, seven inch object embedded in his forearm.

When Lampitt returned home later that day he began looking through pictures of the accident, noticing that the blinker lever was missing and concluding that had to be what was in his arm. Lampitt says it had never caused him any sort of discomfort so doctors told him just to leave it alone.

In late 2014, Lampitt was repairing a house when his arm suddenly began throbbing and “started bulging,” according to his wife, Betty.

Lampitt began 2015 with an arm free of his beloved Thunderbird. Dr. Timothy Lang performed a 45-minute operation to remove the lever on New Year’s Eve. Lampitt said he plans to do something special with the object that has literally been a part of him for all these years.

Pictured Below: Arthur & Betty Lampitt after surgery