Malaysia Filght 370… Could It Be Headed For A City Near You?

imageWith all the distractions taking place in this country have we forgotten about flight 370. Not one piece of debris has ever been recovered. I fear that the plane was taken somewhere to a remote location and stripped of everything not needed to fly a plane. The only thing in the fuselage being a nuclear warhead headed to New York or Washington. I hope and pray that our fighter pilots have the green light to shoot down such a plane. I hope we have ships in the Atlantic and birds in the air. If they have to call in to get authority I don’t trust this administration to give it.

I hope the problems we are having aren’t a distraction. Opening our borders, the IRS scandal, Ferguson, and even Ebola. These lawmakers better start focusing on the security of this nation. Enough is enough and the people are sick and tired! Sick of going to bed at night worried about the future of this country and their children. Lawmakers in Washington think they are safe when they are the number one target. If ISIS has their way everyone will disappear in all of a second. ISIS has said they will raise their flag at the White House. They didn’t say whether they intended it to be a house or rubble. Washington better wake up because their incompetence and ignorance will one day kill us…. God Bless each and everyone, and may God forever bless this country… Semper Fi, Shep