LIVE From The Couch Ferguson Report In St. Louis City And County

FergusonNationwide Unrest FB Clayton

Photo from Ferguson/Nationwide Unrest Facebook feed
Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse, Downtown St. Louis, Missouri
Looks like the photogs outnumber the protesters.

Now that the helicopters are flying over the house, Cornell West has been arrested and we in St. Louis County are under a state of emergency for a group of not even two hundred people disrupting life around here, it’s time to explain a few things to the country.  Ahem:

First and foremost, as happened last year, the actual disruptions are being done by a very limited number of people in a very small area.  The local news stations doing the reporting will pan every now and then, and it’s pretty plain that the “citizen journalists” out there outnumber the “protesters.”  The remembrance and prayer rally was a lot more people – and most people around here have no problem with that – but they were by far more calm even if the pig roast was pretty insulting when the cop from last year was exonerated.

We have a new County Executive.  He’s not messing around.  That was part of the problem last year, that the former County Executive had just been voted out of office when August 9 rolled around.  The new guy almost lost in a local bruhaha/political fight.  Now, he’s making moves that his predecessor wouldn’t.

Several of this writer’s friends and family claim that the “reporting” done by the citizens was faulty at best and there is every reason to believe – like since the gun was recovered at the scene – that Tyrone Harris who was shot in an exchange of gunfire with police last night fired first.  Having priors doesn’t help his case, and the guy is soaking up taxpayer dollars in critical condition at one of the fantabulous local hospitals that get entirely too much practice on gun shot victims on $250,000 bond.

Looting…that is so 2014.  Doesn’t stop the criminals from doing it and the store owners from defending themselves.  No one really has a problem with that here.

The “shut down I-70 during rush hour stunt” was done largely by white guilt people.  They may have been sporting “black lives matter” signs, but it was obvious no one’s life mattered to these people.  About 60 people were arrested according to police.  (That spot was not Ferguson, either.  It was REALLY close to the bridge that crosses the Missouri River.)

56 people were arrested/detained for blocking the entrance to the Thomas Eagleton Building which is the Federal Courthouse for this part of the country.  Once they were done, they headed toward the Arch we hear.  That’s not in St. Louis County, but the county seat had protesters at some point on Monday afternoon.  As hot as it was here, there wasn’t much in the way of participation.

Ferguson Scanner update

Photo from Ferguson Scanner update Facebook page
West Florissant Ave., Ferguson, Missouri
Note the actual size of the protest.

To be perfectly honest, in these parts, so long as there is no looting and gunshots, no one really cares about protests.  What we do care about is a handful of people or not even two hundred being blown out of proportion in the reporting of looting and throwing bottles and rocks at police.  Not only that, there is a reluctance to call the people participating in “unrest”, rioting and sporting #BlackLivesMatter signage what and who they are: thugs, idiots, and attention whores.  (Seriously, shutting down a cross country interstate at rush hour?)  In the last year, we’ve learned a lot about what started all of this, and it is not good for the supporters of the idea that the police are fighting a war against blacks.  If anything, it’s the other way around.  The entire exercise is not going to accomplish anything.

Seriously, on one of the Facebook pages there was a photo of graffiti that said “Loot Ladue.”  What are they going to loot?  Ladue Pharmacy for the South Butt t-shirts?  The fine art galleries?  Maybe tear up the golf courses?  Do they actually think the jewelry stores won’t have extra security on duty?  Seriously, these people are crazy.

By the way, the rest of us are fine here enjoying a tree frog serenade.

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