THIS is What a KILLER Sounds Like After Murdering His Entire Family…

Jake evens with sister and mother

Jake evens with sister and mother

Jake Evans was only 17 when he murdered his mother and his sister in cold blood. Last month the teenager pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in the killing of 48-year-old Jami Evans and 15-year-old Mallory Evans in October 2012. Jake Evans planned on killing them after watching the horror movie “Halloween”.

Evan was sentenced by a Parker County jury to more than four decades in prison. According to the terms of the sentence, Jake Evans must serve a little more than 22 years in prison before he is eligible to see the parole board. Because he was under the age of 18 at the time of the murders, he was spared the death penalty.

This 911 call was released, and it’s disturbing to say the least. Evans calmly states what he did without a shred of emotion in his voice. He told the 911 operator that he wasn’t angry but felt “suffocated” by his family. The killing was not supposed to stop there. He said that he planned on killing his younger sister and his mom at his house, then was going to go to his grandparent’s house and kill them along with his older sister.

The 911 call gets especially chilling when Evans explains how he murdered his sister. He said she was screaming and “freaking out”. He told her to hold still and shot her three times in the head. Listen to how he explains the brutal attack…





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