Lawmakers Don’t Approve Of Obama… But They Kiss His Ass And Clap!

image                                            Many political leaders say they don’t agree with Obama and his policies. It’s difficult to believe anything they say as we watch them kiss his ass and clap. We watch as he lies to the American people followed by applause during the State of the Union address. If they don’t agree or approve of this man, why don’t they start expressing it. Instead of standing and smiling, they should turn their backs like he has done to our cops. They are totally turning their backs on the people while standing around kissing each other’s ass.

While they keep talking about unfulfilled promises our problems continue getting worse. Our border is still wide open and we can’t wait two more years to close it. Let’s just consider how many politicians stand and cheer for a man the American people no longer trust. The world might look good to them from the top but down here the State of the Union sucks. It sucks even worse knowing that our lawmakers no longer stand for us! I have more respect for a Democrat who stands with Obama than I do a Republican who said they don’t as I sit here and watch them clap. They need to stop putting on a show and start doing their job. God Bless America… Semper Fi, Shep