Ladies, Have You Scheduled Your Mammogram? Call Planned Parenthood


Yes, you read that right.  Need a mammogram?  Call Planned Parenthood, after all in their talking points they say that they provide much needed services like mammograms.  Naturally, those who have been paying attention know that what Planned Parenthood REALLY provides are the referrals to the local imaging centers, but that doesn’t stop the pro-Planned Parenthood crowd from repeating the talking point as if women can’t find out for themselves that this little lie is being used to justify federal tax dollars being used as contributions to the national federation.

So, to call the bluff, And Then There Were None, a pro-life group dedicated to helping workers in the abortion industry escape, held a “Schedule Your Mammogram Day” and encouraged women across the country to call their local affiliate to get on the list for their annual big squeeze.  On Monday, hundreds of women called their local Planned Parenthood and were unable to secure appointments.  Go figure.  Of the nation’s 8,735 licensed mammography facilities, not one is a Planned Parenthood affiliate.  Other than The Federalist and a handful of other conservative and pro-life outlets, mass media organs failed to pick up the story.

And that is the fundamental point.  The cover up for Planned Parenthood and what they will say and lie about to ensure their place in the “women’s health” pantheon is astounding.  The talking points say that they provide this service – one that is a lightning rod of a political point, and the subject of quite a number of whistle-blowing and research that gets shouted down because it bucks the party line – when they don’t.  Why is this not reported more widely.  And why is it left to the conservatives in Congress who state this plainly to be on the defensive when they speak the truth.

Which begs the question: why should American tax-payers be sending ANY money to this organization for that service when the entity does not provide it?  Yeah, don’t expect that to be answered any time soon.  In the meantime, keep calling your local Planned Parenthood to schedule your mammogram.  And then publish the fact that your local affiliate doesn’t do them where ever you can.

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