Kayla Mueller’s Gruesome Last Days With ISIS [WARNING – Graphic Details]


Her fresh, open and honest face was plain and simply All-American.  The beautiful heart that led her to a very dangerous place to try to help people who were at the mercy of brutal killers was admired by many.  And now we know that Kayla Mueller was brutally tortured and raped before she died at the hands of Islamic terrorists.  From the Daily Mail:

A Yazidi woman kidnapped and detained as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s personal sex slave has told how the ISIS leader repeatedly raped U.S. hostage Kayla Mueller – who he had taken as a secret bride.

Speaking to MailOnline, blue-eyed Muna, 16, revealed that after his depraved jihadi cohorts ripped out Miss Mueller’s finger nails, Baghdadi told her that she would become his wife ‘by force’.

But despite his image as the world’s most notorious terrorist, Baghdadi was terrified that his other wives would find out about the 26-year-old aid worker, so insisted she was imprisoned at the home of his deputy Abu Sayaff.

Sayaff was allegedly killed alongside Miss Mueller, 26, in an airstrike on the property earlier this year.

That certainly doesn’t sound like any religion of peace to this writer.  But there was more. It is believed that Kayla Mueller was kidnapped after a spy saw her working in a Doctors Without Borders hospital.  She and her boyfriend were ambushed and she was taken hostage. When asked by the terrorists, she told the truth of her marital status – she was single – and Baghdadi claimed her for his own wife with no ceremony.  ‘When they first captured Kayla, ISIS fighters pulled her nails out,’ Muna told MailOnline. ‘She was forced to convert to Islam,’ she added.  Kayla was forced to wear a full hijab and Baghdadi spent his days teaching her the Koran.

It was when Muna, Kayla and another sex slave were moved to Baghdadi’s second in command’s house where they were together.  Rapes happened in front of the other sex slaves.  Kayla would return to the other girls in tears.  She was terrified and did not resist Baghdadi.  On the night that Muna and Susan, the third girl kept with them, escaped, they begged Kayla to come with them, but she refused.  Not only had Muna and Susan been caught and beaten the first time they escaped, but James Foley had been killed.  Kayla was deathly afraid.  She told the other girls if they were caught, they would be killed as well.

ISIS claims that Kayla was killed in a U.S. airstrike in February.  Muna does not believe that, and neither does the American government.  Muna reportedly has been interviewed by U.S. intelligence.

‘I would tell her parents the whole story about Kayla. She was always saying that if she gets released she will take me to her home to meet them.

‘I would tell them that she was such as close friend to me – more than a sister. I loved Kayla.’

Muna shared more details of Baghdadi’s depravity and how other young ladies are treated by the ISIS leader:

  • Muna was hand picked to be Baghdadi’s sex slave out of 61 Yazidi women.  “The average age of those ‘sold at the slave market was 15’, Muna said, adding that it took place at a Christian building in Mosul, which she described as a ‘a white palace’.
  • Muna was taken to live with other ISIS wives.  The wives, she claims, were more brutal than their husbands and beat their children telling them they were lazy.
  • After an attempted escape, Muna was beaten with a garden hoe and a belt.  She was covered with bruises.  Her nose bled after being slapped in the face with sticks and cables by Baghdadi himself.  After the torture of that event, Muna still suffers from the after effects of facial fractures and a dislocated shoulder.
  • Muna claims Baghdadi told her that he ordered Jihadi John to kill American James Foley.  Baghdadi forced her to watch the video as part of an attempt to get her to submit to the hardline Islam.

Muna’s horror story is one more to add to the list of women who have escaped the Caliphate and ISIS and the terror these men inflict on innocent women of all stripes.  This means the sex slave auction is real, the brutality is real, the primitive jealousy is real as is the shear disposibility of women to these animals.

Kayla Mueller took a gigantic risk going to that part of the world and her gamble got her killed.   But this young woman, Muna, is actually from that part of the world and was treated no better.  She plans to migrate to Germany in the coming weeks.  Her bravery speaks for the human spirit of so many who have been taken and used without mercy.

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